Windows experience index twin pc different scores

Any Windows Guru wanna take a crack at explaining this to me

Windows experience index
Processor: Calculations per second 4.9 I get the gist of this one, but there is a question to ask…

We have two computers, almost identical, but I do believe the cpu are the same… The other PC processor is around 5.4…?! WTHeck!?

Memory (RAM) Memory ops per Second 5.5, I get this one, and it is the same for both PC’s Although this one has 3 1gb ram sticks and the other has 2 1gb and 2 512mb sticks. Ok

Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero 4.5 This is the highest I could get, even after shutting down Aero and playing around with other settings… same graphics card, 9500 gtx Other pc shows up around 5.5

Gaming Graphics, 3D business and gaming graphics performance 6.1 Why is this so much higher than the reg graphics???

Primary hard disk: disk data transfer rate 5.9 again this score matches between both pc’s and doesn’t make me scratch my head.
Both discreet graphics card are the same use the same drivers and are up to date, although there are some cosmetic differences in general. So, Why the jump between them for general graphics score, and is there a fix I need to put in

Same question put to the cpu scores??

Thank you for your input, I am currently trying to google answers, but I really can’t seem to put in a query that comes back with answers to my questions. I would really apreciate some edumacation here.

Is one running Win7 and the other Vista?

The two operating systems don’t use the same scale.

Are the driver the same version? Maybe the newer drive rmakes some component run more efficently

Both running windows 7, both using the same driver, But the Graphics card has a great 3d graphics score, but a much lower score for general operations, in fact the help site recommends I shut off Aero. Going to the very basic desktop and shifting to what looks like old XP, only gains me 0.1

Out of curiosity, why do you even care what your WEI is?

This is as I understand it at this point, feel free to correct any misconceptions.

WEI is a base score to use in the decision making process for buying software that will run on it, or making upgrades to the machine to operate said software.

My children have gotten some good games this Christmas, some of which do not run on one pc, but run fine on the other.

This one runs good, a little choppy, but few if any crashes.
The other runs pretty sweet for a few minutes, crashes, reload, repeat.
This ones score didn’t match up, and the two pc’s are suppose to be twins,(After getting access to the one downstairs, they have different cpu’s, so now I am back to square one.)

How about a straightforward question, would it be possible to buy and install a different cpu in this computer, If so, what information do I need to know, and where do I find said information??

If possible, I would like to find a dual, or quad core with 2.5 and up ghz.

If required to get a new mb to go with the cpu, will I be able to transplant it into an emachines case, or will I have to get one of those fancy cases?

I already know I will need a new psu, mine is only 250w, These I understand will fit in any case most of the time, although there are a few exceptions. Plus I will probably need better cooling, and I have space in the current case for a new exhaust fan.

Yes, I did some more reading up on WEI, that wasn’t from Microsoft itself, I am giving up on that, is there any other way for me to “benchmark” my system so I know what I am looking for??

Would you recommend just scrapping the upgrade and buying a custom made pc that meets my (son’s) specs.

It would be helpful to get the specs and scores of both computers. I’m new to WEI and Windows 7 (or Vista, for that matter), but when I bought a new computer over the weekend, I noticed that while running Vista, the scores were all 5.9 across the board. After I upgraded it to Windows 7, the scores jumped up to 7.2 or so, except for the hard drive. I suspect that 5.9 for hard disk is the max you can get with a single 7200 rpm drive, and to get higher you’d need a RAID array or solid state-drive.

I am happy though, that I only paid $620+tax for it!

If you can provide the eMachines model number, we can determine if an upgrade is possible. There should be a label on the back with the full number, or the number printed on the front of the case should suffice.

The new case should accommodate a new MB, unless eMachines did something strange. I tried to upgrade a relatives computer, and the eMachines case had a custom motherboard, so a standard one would not fit.

Haven’t looked for the model number yet, but I think I have a AM2 socket, and looking around have found a few AMD with AM2 sockets that would bring up my cpu.
So If I may ask, if the new cpu will fit in the mb, does it generally hold that it should be compatible?

Will try to post the model of my machine soon, (kids home on vacation).

Most of what I have found always say, “Make sure your mb and cpu are compatible.” but they never say how to be sure, other than buying them together in a set.

The CPU socket of each motherboard fits a specific processor(s).

Incidentally, choosing to run a Quad core over a Dual core will not help in games as they’re not generally capable of multi-threading. Also, GHz is now largely meaningless.

The WEI is a good yardstick for how your PC’s various parts compare to each other but that’s about it. Generally speaking, the biggest factors in gaming performance are Graphics Card architecture, memory & speed and RAM type, quantity & speed. So long as you’re running a Core 2 Duo or at least a socket AM2 processor, I wouldn’t worry about CPU too much because in an off-the-shelf PC there’s generally a lot more wrong with it than CPU when it comes to gaming.

If you want to know what parts are best, try these charts:

Graphics Cards,1.html


You’ll see the differences between processors is much smaller than the differences between graphics cards.

I’d avoid trying to replace a CPU if you’ve never done it before and you don’t have someone more experienced to show you how. You’ll probably wind up needing to disassemble the entire PC, remove the old CPU, attach the new CPU (the right orientation!), apply the right mix of thermal grease, gently install the head sink and rebuild the PC. This is a lot of tricky work for a novice.

Model # emachines ET1161-07
AMD Athlon ™ Dual Core Processor 4050e 2.10 GHz
Discrete Graphics card is Nvidia 9500 gt drivers should be current, used the Nvidia scanner, downloaded and installed.
3GB ram

I plan on getting an Nvidia 9800 gtx and upping The ram, if I have the money, to the max of 8GB.
If the cpu is good as is I will leave it, but I have no problem tearing the computer down and putting it back together. I do that whenever I clean it.
I have seen the cpu in these two multiple times as I have torn down junkers and seen what happens to dirty computers. I take the heat sink and fan out and clean them thoroughly.

I just don’t want to spend large amounts of money on parts and find I got the most incompatible parts to go in my case.

Or I bought a cpu that is more advanced than the mb or the opposite of course.

The only thing I know about my mb at this point is it has 1 pcie for a graphics card of which is holding my 9500gt and I believe I must use ATA cables for the hd and dvd roms. I have googled but I still don’t know how to ID the motherboard so I can look it up, and if I did that, then I would be asking what these specs mean.

So, if you gave me a computer all in pieces, I could put them back together.
If you gave me a pile of parts, I would have a problem of finding out what parts work with others. More than a newbie, but far from any expertise.

Go to and download CPU-Z. Get the no install version; the setup version comes with that obnoxious Ask Toolbar. The Mainboard tab will tell you just about everything there is to know about your motherboard.

Is it possible that the one getting worse scores is having heat problems? Vista performance on my wife’s laptop was declining rapidly in recent weeks, and the fan was running at high speed most of the time, so on a hunch, I disassembled it and vacuumed the dust out of the cpu heatsink and it runs way faster now and hardly ever kicks the fan into high gear. If your heatsink is clogged with dust or your fan is blocked by a cable leaning against it, or the fan is simply getting old and worn out so it doesn’t spin as smoothly, your performance can suffer.

Computer 1 Cleaned 11/29/09
Computer 2 Cleaned 12/29/09

I check them every three months.

Thank you, have a report that tells me
Mainboard Model MCP61PM-GM (0x000002A5 - 0x17F329C8)

LPCIO Vendor ID 0x90
LPCIO Chip ID 0x8726
LPCIO Revision ID 0x3
Config Mode I/O address 0x2E
Config Mode LDN 0x4

I also saved screenshots of the cpuid. ECS is the manufacturer, ITE is the vendor.

Here is Gateway’s specs for that motherboard.

(The maximum memory spec is different than what is shown at eMachines, interestingly. I do believe it will do 8GB.)

Given that processor and video card, I’m somewhat surprised that your machine won’t run the games. I would suggest that the 9500GT is the bottleneck…

Any AMD X2 CPU under 89W should work, if you would like to upgrade that.

Also, make sure that the internal graphics is truly disabled in the BIOS, and not set up for dual view mode. That may use a little of your system memory.

I’ve been looking around, and I haven’t found anything that looks like it would control this. Under Display adapters It only shows the 9500gt card.

I have my 9800gtx card, now I need a 500 Watt power supply that will fit in this case without modifying the case. When I get that figured out I’ll put it all together. If it doesn’t work as I hope it will, I will have a jump on getting the parts to build from scratch then I suppose.

I have an older computer in the back of the closet that has a large case to start with, so I’m going to investigate that as a possible builder.

From some of the things I’ve been reading, part of my troubles may well be the psu. I can’t find my paperwork to the 9500 card so I don’t know how much it takes, but with only 250 watts The factory unit is evidently only good for the computer as is. Any additions are going to be too much for it.

Thank you all for your pointers and advice, I’ll keep googleing and reading up as I can. Just wish I could understand all the spec&tech that gets thrown around like any 3 yo would understand it.

Thanks again!