Windows macros

Sometimes my computer will activate macros from single keys: pressing just “r” brings up the run window, pressing just “m” minimizes the current window, etc. Rebooting fixes the problem. And ideas what’s going on?

What kind of keyboard do you have? Some keyboards feature macro keys.

This usually happens when you hold down the “Start” key or the key with the Windows logo on it. Sometimes, Windows ‘thinks’ that either the start key (or Alt or Ctrl or Shift) is held down and of course, you get stuff like what you have.

The easy solution is to hold down the start button (or Alt or Ctrl or Shift if the others don’t solve the problem) and press f or m or whatever and Windows will get back to normal for now.

And for the curious…

Start button combined with…

C - opens Control Panel
D - displays Desktop
E - opens Windows Explorer
F - opens Find Files…
I - opens IntelliPoint mouse settings (if you have it)
K - opens Keyboard settings
L - Logoff
M - Minimize all Windows
P - opens Printer folder
R - opens Run command
V - opens Clipboard Viewer

How can I answer that without knowing what TYPE of computer you have? A mac? a PC? What operating system? 7.1? Windows 98? etc. What type of keyboard? 84 keys ? 101 keys?