Windows Media Player error

I was trying to download a movie from NASA and received this error:

The link says ‘640x480 QuickTime Movie (2.6 MB)’ and it’s a .mov file.

I clicked ‘Help’ and was taken to the Microsoft website. It told me that I had encountered an error, and that I should ask someone how to fix it.


Media player is does not have the association to play *.mov
Get Quicktime

Downloading it now. Thanks.

You’re most welcome. Post back and let us know how it goes.

Worked well. I tells ya, it’s a pain in the bum trying to re-create your computer! I had QuickTime on the old drive, and for some reason I assumed it was on the new one.

I’ve got a 15-second clip of Dale Reed’s 1962 flight of his M2-F1 lifting body model that he captured on 8mm film. Getting a 1963 car tow test of the real thing (32 sec.) now, and there’s a 25 sec. clip of the M2-F1 in flight to download next.

Fabulous!!! So glad you got it sorted.