Windows Media Player Question

I’m using WMP version 10…

I’ve started to rip classical cd’s and WMP does two things that are not quite right:

  1. Saves the files on the hard drive by Artist and then album. The first CD’s I’ve done are compilations, and these are ending up in My Music\Various Artists\Great Classical Hits Vol. 1 (for example)

  2. In WMP, the Library organizes by many options, e.g. Album Artist, Contributing Artist, Composer, Album, Genre, etc… however, at the bottom of each of these categories is the album, and that expands to ALL tracks on the album. For example, Composer\Mozart"Great Classical Hits Vol. 1"\ and then all tracks for that album are listed, only one of which is Mozart.

Problem 1 above isn’t really a problem because I can use the Library feature in WMP, but problem 2 makes it somewhat disfunctional.

I’ve looked at settings, options. I have the feeling I’m missing something obvious!