windows question (svchost trouble)

I got a new to me computer with windows 2000. When I’ve been online (MSN0 for just a few minuites, I’ll get a message saying svchost.exe has generated errors and will be shut down.
I have not been able to restart it.
Once I get this message, I cannot cut and past, I cannot click on most links, and some of my non-internet programs don’t work right.
I only get this message when I’m online.
The person who gave me the computer may not be avalabe to help me.
Can anyone help me? What can I do?

I googled on the error you were getting

And this is what I found:

google results

It looks like a virus for both those cases. Doesn’t mean you are infected for certain, but you should run a virus scan.

Also, get a personal firewall. It wouldn’t have stopped you getting infected, but it might have warned you that you were transmitting suspicious traffic.

good luck.

can’t click on the goggle results, (doh!) I’ll google it too.
Virus scan every day, it detects and cures the same two virusus

Are your virus signatures up to date? Try HouseCall from

Boot into safe mode (not sure how to do it on Win 2000, but on 98 you hold left-shift as it boots, on XP you hold F8), and run your virus scan from there. Might prevent a virus from otherwise interfering with the scan.