Windows Solitare, you are my bitch!

And when it finally does happen (it will! :smiley: ) Promise me you’ll do a victory lap around the house/office/shack… wherever you happen to be!

solitaire got me through college ennui.

Well, I’m one step closer, 9921 and 75 seconds! Almost there! So close! I went through the deck exactly twice (lousy last card being the two of hearts, screwing up my time score.)

126 seconds in Expert.

Damn. There’s lots of people that get under 100 seconds in Minesweeper Expert. I don’t know how that’s even possible. If I could actually SEE the mines, I don’t know if I could clear all the other tiles in under 100 seconds.

They are obviously cheaters, Nangleator. Whereas you and I, the ones you strive to be the best using only our brains and a mouse, are the true champions. :slight_smile:

(Me, jealous? Of course not, why would you say that?)

Wow. When I play Solitaire I turn off the scoring and the timer. I’m that bad. It probably takes me a good 5 minutes to finish a game.