Windows Solitare, you are my bitch!

Seriously though, I believe myself to be a God among men, for I have achieved a solitare score of almost unimaginable awesomeness (yes, there are scores in solitare.)

Are you ready for this? Nine thousand, four hundred and one! That’s riught, 9441! And a time of 79 seconds! Beat that! (Of course, now someone will ocme along and have beaten it.)

My goal? To break both 10,000 and 60 seconds…can I do it? We’ll see.


Wow! :slight_smile:

I’ll second the wow! My best is a mere 8362 in 91 seconds, though not for the lack of trying. I just can’t seem to beat 90 :(.

Now I have to go and try again.

53 seconds.
13,895 points.

Well, bouv, it appears you need to have a mechanical arm to beat your score, so don’t feel too bad.

I’m no good at solitaire, but I bet none of you can beat two hours on a single token at a pin ball machine.

neither can I.

Feel free to tack an “-ly” on to the end of that last sentence of mine. So that it appears that I actually used an adverb where one was needed. :smack:


I can’t imagine doing something like that! it takes me 2-3 seconds just to RECOGNIZE the card I’m looking at, and figure out colour/suit/what it could go on top of, etc. so already you’re over 100, and likely closer to 200 seconds for me! AND I usually get stuck and can’t finish the game! How much time do you guys spend on this?!?!

  1. Damn you Robot Arm


  1. I play well over twenty games a day, mnemosyne

First try Standard Draw Three:

8,493 points and 89 seconds

I usually play Vegas.

Hmmm. I won 157 games of Freecell in a row once, does that count for anything?

I don’t get you kids today. This whole Mtv generation. Everything is fast, quick… now now now.

Take time to enjoy the game.

I’m still playing the game I started back in 1995.

I won’t be impressed until you beat games -1 and -2.

Weirddave - I’m impressed. My best win streak was 87 games!


157 game winning streak in Freecell sure is impressive!

How about 211 seconds for Minesweeper Expert mode?

Minesweeper is my bitch.

I used to work in a guard shack, where I sat, playing solitare, from 10pm till 6am every night…

I don’t remember my score, but I do remember doing a victory lap around the shack the time I got 51 seconds… These days I doubt I could break 60… sigh good times! :dubious:

Let’s not get into the minesweeper peeing contest again.

Because I will win. (Actually, I think bouv has me here too)

86 seconds.

Mindsweeper? Man, that’s where I suck major major ass…

I don’t have the exact times/score written down, but I swear this is true.

High score: 15,000+
Time: under 45 seconds.

But I have a secret. This doesn’t seem to work on WinME, but on Win2000 and WinXP…

To automatically put all the cards that can possibly fit into the stacks, right click during play. Vrrooom! They all go to their proper places. So maybe my impressive score isn’t so impressive. It still makes for a quicker game (which is good while I’m at work and looking for a super-short diversion.)

Yeah, I know that trick too, it’s the only way I can get as good as I do. The thing is, I need ot be albe to win while only going through the deck once, cause by then, I am usually at about 50 seconds. I know I can do this, as I have done it when playing vegas style, where you are only allowed to go through once. But for some reason, in the thousands of games I’ve played in regular style, I haven’t gotten the right set up of cards.