Windows ssh Client with Tabs

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in IMHO or GQ, so I’ll start it here, in IMHO. If anyone thinks it will generate more responses elsewhere, please report it/email a mod for me.

Ok, now for my question:

Does anyone know of a Windows ssh client that has one window with tabbed shells, something similar to X-Windows?

I’ve looked around and don’t see any right off. Some apps that I like (although they do not have tabs) are Putty and OpenSSH for Windows.

Thanks for looking.

I think that this has an answer, and will more likely find one in GQ.

Moved from IMHO to GQ.

Did you want free? If not:

Would Poderosa fit the bill?

(Note: I never personally used it)

Nice! I never heard of it, but after poking around with it I already like it better than Putty.

This looks promising. I’ll have time to check it out tomorrow. Thanks!
Khadaji, I’m not sure we’ll be able to purchase this product because there are a lot of Linux users in my group. I’m stuck with Windows because of various other programs that won’t run on Linux. I’ll definitely give the evaluation product a try, though.