Windows Update won't stop installing the same update

Last night I installed several updates for Windows (Vista Home Premium x64.) One of them failed to install after the restart, and now it keeps popping up wanting me to install it. The update is Update for Windows Vista for x64 Based Systems (KB937287.) It is listed once in the update history as having failed, and it is listed SIX TIMES since then as having been installed successfully. What the hell is going on?

I did a system restore to last night before I did any updates…yet it didn’t work. The system restore said it worked, yet the update history still lists all the updates as being installed.

This is very maddening, as every few minutes I get a new pop-up telling me updates are ready to install, and it’s just that one same damn update.

This is a known problem with this update. Download and install the standalone version.

Thanks, problem solved.