Windows won't search an external HD...

I had this problem on a laptop with Windows 7 and now on one running XP.

My mom had a computer killed by a virus (wouldn’t let me access Windows, but that’s not an issue anymore). Eventually I will re-format and re-install Windows, but before that I need to get her pictures off of it. I got the external enclosure for it. I plug it in and Windows reads it, I can browse around with explorer and all, but whenever I search it ONLY searches the open folder, not any of the folders contained within (which makes it useless). My mom isn’t sure where she stored her pictures and I can’t find them. I saw a few others with the problem via google, and their solutions were to change the HD letter, or disallow indexing. Neither worked. Any ideas?

If all else fails you can fall back on the good old DIR command. Something like

dir x:\*.jpg /a:-d /b /s > c:\list.txt

would search the whole drive (substitute the appropriate letter for x:) for .jpg files and write output to a text file.

WinDirStat will show you where everything is.