Windows XP and Backward compatibility

What sort of applications are NOT going to run on the upcoming WIndows XP? Is it just anything that is 16 bit? What popular programs will not go well with it?

look here:

My non-geek understanding from the Better Half, who follows this kind of thing, was that it’s not going to be worth the hassle trying to explain to XP how to work with everything we’ve got installed on our computer, hence we’re going to stick with Win ME. Way back when, we were not pleased with the way the upgrade from Win95 to 98 went, so…once burned, shame on Microsoft, twice burned, shame on us.

Also, I seem to recall that he said that games that were set up to run under 95 and 98, ME, etc. won’t run under XP, that XP was deliberately designed to be exclusive and to render all other versions instantly obsolete, but I could be mistaken.

Also, there’s this.,4161,2783767-2,00.html

Absolutely, positively, completely untrue. I have MANY (at least 5 or 6, probably more that I just haven’t tried) games that ran fine under 95 and 98, refused to work with 2k, but using the XP “Compatibility Mode” set to Windows98, work perfectly under XP. It’s a great OS that I haven’t had any trouble with, compatibility-wise.

I have heard that some CD burner software doesn’t work, but I’m sure a patch will be out shortly, if it hasn’t come out already.

I’ve been using Win XP RC2 for the last 3 months. It runs every single piece of software I use. That includes all my games. (I was using Win98) The only programs I’ve found that DON’T work under XP are a few of my old console emulators, but even most of those work. Overall, XP is awesome. I haven’t booted into W98 for over 2 months, and I don’t think I ever will again.

So, for the most part, XP runs everything Win9x runs. The only exceptions are a few old programs that rely on old W95 commands. They made huge strides in compatibility on the NT kernel.


After seeing Flymaster’s post, note that Nero Burning ROM 5.0 runs just fine under XP.

Okay, glad to hear it. I’ll tell Himself, but I dunno if it’ll penetrate, the skinny is that Microsoft is EEEE-vill…


Each time microsoft comes out with a new operating system they have a list on their site, which is called most rightly I suppose, ‘software compatibility list’ & get this, they also have a ‘hardware compatibility list’ they are usually both on the OS cd too.

Stick with Windows 2000. Or go back to Windows 98.

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