Windows XP: Boot-Disk Passthrough Error

I’m working on a new server noting an error I’ve never seen before in the Windows Application Event Log.

Source: IAANTmon
Event ID: 3
Description: RAID-1 Volume “3PM12G7E” changed from a Boot-disk Passthrough state to Passthrough, SMART state

This may be connected to the Intel Matrix Storage Console in the system with an Intel GR/GH SATA RAID Controller on it, or not.
I’ve tried Googling for the last 20 minutes but I got nothing.

Anyone seen this?

Wow, I went to Google this problem and tripped over my old post.
In this case, I’ve just replaced two drives out of a 4-drive SATA RAID config, and during the rebuild I got:
RAID-1 Volume “9QMCAH44” is in a Passthrough state

Anyone know what Passthrough means in the context of desktop RAID?

Is this an Information, Warning, or Error entry? Have you tried Intel’s forums?

It’s a Warning, and I didn’t realized Intel had forums.
Thanks for that tidbit!