WIndows XP Home version: User Profiles?

Does the home version of Windows XP (not professional) have the ability to “log in” various users, each having their own security restrictions, programs, and desktop settings, and prevent the use of the system if they fail to log in properly?

I know that when I installed my XP home version, I provided the opportunity to create multiple user profiles. Since I’m the only user, I didn’t spend time looking at the capabilities, but I do believe it has at least some of the ones you ask about. I’m not sure how much it does in terms of security. If no one has answered this before I get home, I’ll try to look at it this evening.

Ok, that answers it almost completely. Thanks.
If you don’t log on properly, does it force you to rety until you get it right? I want it to disallow the use of the system unless a successful login occurs.

I looked at the security a little more. You can set the system up to require user accounts with password, or you set it up with user account without passwords, so XP can do what you are looking for. The user accounts can also be used to restrict access to folders and files.

On that note, IIRC, XP gives all users Admin Access by default. Something to watch for if there are other using the PC that you don’t want to have poking around and changing base system settings.

Excellent. Thanks folks!

This is true only if you convert to (or originally had, say from Win2000) the NTFS file system. Win95/98/SE/ME use the FAT32 file system, which does not provide for directory-locking.

XP will convert to NTFS if you ask it (it’s a one-way trip though, no going back to FAT without a reformat).


What are the disadvantages of the NFTS file system?