Windows XP Problem

Just installed Windows XP. No problem.

Tried to install PhotoSuite III. Problem.

It worked when I first installed it under my own Adminitsrative Account, but when my daughter tried to use it, it wouldn’t work for her. I then tried to switch her account to administrative also, but now it won’t work for either of us. I’ve tried uninstalling it and re-installing a few times but nothing gives. This is a program that installed and worked fine under Windows ME.

Any ideas?

I imagine you’ve read this already, but it seems to suggest a lack of reliability to me. You might be buggered unless you reinstall XP again.

Hmm … well I fixed the problem, but I still don’t know WHY it got fixed.

Apparently it works on MIE technology. If you go to MIE and go to the Advanced Options, and click on “Restore Defaults” it works.

Any insight into why this happens?