Windows XP - Where did my memory go ?

For a while, I have noticed something unusual is going with my computer/Windows XP. I don’t know what is a technical term for it, but I would name it “memory missing”

It appears that my memory is going down over time. A while a go, I remember I had like 1Gb free hard drive left. Today, there are about 400Mb, and I didn’t put in any major softwares or ‘anything else’ (I have a seperate drive for additional stuffs).

I suspect the followings

  • Internet cache (I did clear the cache, didn’t improve much)
  • Google Desktop Index (dont know how it works)
  • Disk fragment (I ran disk defragmenter, didn’t improve much)

Can anybody tell me what is the problem ? and how to fix it ?

Do you have AdAware and ScanBot on your system? If not, download them, install them, run them; you probably have about 600 mb of gunk on your system.

Aquafina - memory and hard-disk space are not the same thing. Fortunately, telling where your HD space is going is way easier than diagnosing memory leaks. (Also, defragmenting just moves information around on your disk- it isn’t going to reduce the total amount any.)

I don’t think it’s spyware - those normally have low HD requirements, and are much more likely to be sucking your CPU. In cases where I don’t know where my HD space is going, I like to use Steffen Gerlach’s free Disk Scanner, which will show in easy-to-understand pie-chart format exactly what is using your HD.

I agree, I just cleaned a computer that had 49 gigabytes of adware files. Hotbar had created 11,000 log files in the last 8 months, and completely filled the hard drive.

Disk Scanner worked great, Nanoda.
What I thought turned out to be correct. It is the Google Desktop located in Application Data folder. It secretly stole 2Gb from me. I took my precious memory space back, and unplugged the program.

Thanks, folks.

OOOh, but you MUST stop calling it “memory space.” It’s hard drive space. Although hard drives and memory are both measured in K, or Meg, or Gig, they’re not the same!

Cool. I’ll remember that if someone has similar problems. :slight_smile: