Windshield wiper question

I replaced the 22 inch wipers on my wifes Town Car. She says they are not wiping the area completely. Do i have to bend them to hit the surface?

Did you confirm that the wipers are compatible with her exact vehicle?

You should not have to bend wiper blades.
I have seen cases where the wiper arm is tweaked and as a result the wiper does not touch the windshield through the entire stroke.
Another possibility is that the blade might not be mounted correctly on the arm.
Good luck wipers are a pain in the ass.

I’ll give you provisional credit for watching what you were doing when you installed those new wipers. Were the old wipers torn? If they were changed merely because of not clearing the window, perhaps the problem is elsewhere. (Old wipers that are still intact can be cleaned and renew performance.) The new ones may not be cleaning because of something on the surface of the glass. Clean that by hand with glass cleaner. Or you could lightly clean it with polishing compound and then glass cleaner. That may be what it needs. Observe the performance yourself and see if the blade is in contact with the glass. If you only replaced the blade insert itself, perhaps the assembly is bent in which case an entire assembly should be installed rather than tweaking. I doubt whether the basic arm that comes from the motor/firewall/cowl is bent, but that should be rather obvious.

It was missing the middle of the window near the connections. I followed instructions. But I got annoyed and squeezed them real hard at the connection. it seemed to work. That was certainly not in the instructions which were terrible. They said slip it over the arm. Pop it out to about 35 degrees until you hear a snap . then you are done… i did that but was not done. Seem OK now.

Wait, really? How do you clean them?

I do know the wiper blades I was involved in making were chlorinated and then coated with graphite. The chlorine is supposed to “case harden” the rubber, clean it, and is also applied for UV protection. The graphite was supposed to reduce “chatter” when the blade flipped.

I have heard (never tried it myself) that you can clean the wiper with a chlorine solution to re-stiffen(?) the rubber. I would imagine that cleaning the gunk off also greatly improves performance.

I made wiper blades from extruded natural rubber. They came out of the die like this 0–0 and then slit in the middle. This was cheaper than the previous technology of molding one piece at a time.

Did you replace the just the blades (rubber) or the arm and blade?

Correct terminology:

Wiper insert or refill (pair shown). Just the rubber, or sometimes the rubber with narrow steel strips.

Wiper blade. Most commonly sold replacement part. Has mechanisms to allow flexing that follows different contours. Includes the insert.

Wiper arm. One end attaches to rotating shaft that links to wiper motor, other end attaches to blade. Has spring inside to press wiper to glass.

Use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the rubber on the wipers. The alcohol should remove any build up on the rubber. For best results with any wiper system may I suggest you use Rain X. Without a doubt the best automotive product ever made. You apply it to the windshield, let it glaze and then wipe it off with a towel. When it rains the Rain X beads the water so well that if you are doing above 40mph you won’t even need to use your wipers. Try it and you will wonder how you ever did without it.

When you clean the blades just take the cloth between your fingers and run it along the leading edge of the rubber blade. You will see all kinds of garbage come off on the cloth.