Windshield Wiper Squeaking

My windshield wipers squeak. Actually, they shriek; they make a truly ear-splitting shrieking noise as they go across the windshield. Not squeaking. Shrieking. Like a maddened banshee. Beyond any normal wiper squeaking noise.

I’ve replaced them once, to no avail.

I drive a 2000 Hyundai Accent; would appreciate any advice/answers.


You might want to try treating your windshield with Rain-X. It may reduce the friction, and therefore the noise. At the very least, it will reduce your need to use the wipers, because it makes water bead of and run off quickly.

Is the noise coming from the rubber moving on the glass, or from the wiper mechanism? If it’s the latter, new blades obviously won’t address it. Lubricating the linkage might.

The wiper arms should lift off the windshield 90 degrees to a service position. Put them there and then turn on the wipers. If it’s noisy, it’s not the blades.

D’oh! Make that “…bead up and run off quickly.”