Wingdings humor? -- or, this has GOT to be deliberate.

I noticed just now that if you set your character map to Wingdings and look carefully at the first row of symbols, you get three items that cannot possibly have been placed in that particular order by accident. A bell, a book, and a candle.

Mundane and pointless, but I MUST share this.

…I don’t get it?

A bell, a book, and a candle? Is this like a rhebus puzzle?

Its “Magic”.
Or the title to an old movie.

Excommunication? That’s all I’ve got, maybe need to go re-read some conspiracy books.

Let’s ask this user.

Pretty cool - I never would have noticed that.

On a semi-related note, Snopes has an article debunking alleged anti-Semitic patterns in wingdings. For example, “NYC” in wingdings comes out as a skull and crossbones, followed by a Star of David, then by a hand giving the “thumbs up” sign. Spooky coincidence, but surely a coincidence all the same, IMO.

Or you could type “NYC” and convert it to wingdings for maximum anti-semiticness.

Microsoft has already said the Wingdings character map was “largely random”. Obviously some things(like up arrows next to down arrows) were not, but seeing other patterns are largely a result of the human tendancy to see patterns everywhere.


See obligatory Wiki link for further info. To sum up, though, it’s a phrase connected with the rite of excommunication as practiced by the Church in the Middle Ages.

Of course, Unca Cece’s true believers prefer the following link: How do I go about getting excommunicated?