Leathery. Butterfly and dragonfly are way too flimsy, and I don´t want to deal with the mess of feathery wings. 'Sides, leather looks good with most things.

What MostlyClueless said. If I had butterfly or dragonfly wings I’d probably cripple them the first time I rolled over in bed.

What I’d expect to see on a polychromatic dragon. Kind of an iridescent leather that changes hue depending on how the light strikes them.

Ah, so I’m the first to pick butterfly wings. I couldn’t resist the pretty. :wink:

feathery, to keep me warm in winter.

Leathery, I am crazy about bats.

I want the ones Apocalypse gave to Angelwhen he became his 4th Horseman…

Dragonfly wings would be fun . . . sort of like riding in a biplane.

Oh yeah, that would be cool.

Other, I want dragon wings, too - scaley, not leathery, and irridescent.

I want dragon wings. Or maybe buffalo wings. I don’t know, I’m hungry.

Another vote for Archangel-as-Death metal-awesome wings.

You can fly, use them to block attacks, slice people in half with 'em, hurl poisoned shards, and they fold up neatly when not being used… and that’s all on top of just looking cool.

I suppose it would make getting through the metal detector a pain, though.

I’m gonna go for “Paul McCartney and ----

When I was younger, I wanted wings so badly. Big, beautiful, white Warren Worthington III wings…and the ability to fly.

I unfortunately will never be able to fly and soar under my own power. Though I very much want to go hang-gliding, as that seems like the closest one can get.

Not sure of the exact wing shape, but something irridescent but of rich peacock colors, perhaps nonmaterial and just hinted at by shimmering in the air …

Here are some nice wings I found online while trying to find wings I liked:
Aion angelic wings
Barbie Mariposa doll
Perfect World game character wings
Luna moth [not for people with real bug phobias]
adorable bumblebee costume
dead beetle in a museum, pretty wings [not for people with real bug phobias]

The only reason I’d want wings is if they would let me fly. None of the wings mentioned seem to have magical properties, so I don’t think they could lift me off the ground, and still be small enough to not be cumbersome.

Meh, what the heck. I’ll go with feathery, as they are the kind that I picture angels having. And when I think of a human with wings, I picture an angel. (or mutant freak, but I don’t want to be one of them.) Plus, they looked really cool in Dogma.

I picked other.

I want metal robot wings with jet engines attached. Something like this would be great:

Bonus points if they have lasers or missiles attached and get good gas mileage.

It’s a tough choice between feathery and leathery but I went with leathery because they have the advantage of folding around and looking all badass like a cape like in the Gargoyles cartoon.


I too thought this thread was going to be about buffalo wings.

Feathery definitely seems the most awesome to me.