What sort of wings would you want, if you had to choose?

I think I’d take leathery wings, but colorful, not brown like a bat’s.

Hummingbird wings(properly sized). I want to be able to hover and fly backward.

And I won’t have to learn the words.

Stainless Steel - Razor Sharp!

Jet-powered backpack wings for me, thank you.

And a helmet.


If I was going to have wings I’d want to have Archangel’s

Sometimes I surprise myself with just how girly I can be. I opted for Dragonfly wings. Beautiful, iridescent, colorful, shimmery… they’d be so pretty!

I’d go for what Tyrael in Diablo 2 used as wings.

Shiny aluminum ones, attached to an airplane. THAT can happen. :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be about chicken wings. :frowning:

Still, I picked feathery. And enormous, thank you very much, that fold back in nicely.

Wings would be super cool. At least until everyone had them. For mine I just want them to be strong enough to hold and disguise sidewinder missiles to fire at people who decide to piss me off.

I thought this was going to be about our favorite character on Wings.

Crystal Bernard.

And some space-age material, like Batman’s.



Feathery. And black.

Fairy wings.

I was going to say Buffalo, or Hot. Since those are not options I would choose big feathery angel wings, like Hawkman or Matt Damon in Dogma.

Leathery, if when folded they clasped around my neck and looked like a cape - like that Disney’s Gargoyles cartoon.

I’m a pale white guy though, so leathery wings my skin color would look rather sickly - like the part in ET where he almost dies from exposure. I guess I’d want cool colors like prehistoric flying reptiles may have had.

Second choice black feathers.

I just finished reading Patterson’s Maximum Ride series about the avian-humna hybrid children, so I immediately pictured big feathery bird wings, but I had a strong desire for the dragonfly wings so I picked those. Pretty.

I’d like pretty ones, but I’d have to go for functional and folding ones (don’t want to get silly here, now). I like the Gargoyles one, too. Razor sharp claws on them would also be awesome.


Until the Kings take them out in the second round.