Winning The War On Masturbation!

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Americans For Purity:
Winning The War On Masturbation

Operation Infinite Purity

Are they really serious?

Here is a fun bit from their grand plan

Banning of cancles? Compulsory pre-sliced vegetables?




[sub]How did they know?![/sub]

Make that 149,999…



Dammit, Snooooopy!



This is a joke. No one is this insane and idiotic.

Ah HA!

I knew it had to be there somewhere!

On one of the linked pages, namely this one ,the wording is almost exactly the same. Scroll to the bottom and read this:

Don’t worry, keep wanking…LOL

whois gets you:

Registrant:Satire On-line (WHITEHOUSE3-DOM) 245-M Mount Hermon Road, Suite 137
Scotts Valley, CA 95066 US Domain Name: WHITEHOUSE.ORG
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Pace, Mark (MP156) pace@ILLUMINATI.ORG 245-M Mount Hermon Road
Suite 137 Scotts Valley, CA 95066-4035 US
650.212.3765 831.460.9237

Just those illuminati rascals again.