Winter Dopefest 2002 -- Colorado Mountain Style

Thinks…hold on a a few days, I have my real estate friend looking into condos and houses for us…

I hope to hear from her tomorrow!

Oh and Geobabe…I missed that one completely. Guess my hormones aren’t as focused as they used to be.

Oh and TV – Steamboat would have been fun but there’s so much more to do in Summit County. Telluride is a long drive and if people want to fly in from other states, a two hour drive to Summit County is more doable especially with the shuttles that leave DIA and C Springs. Crusted Butt would be a kick ass trip but for the same reasons as the Telluride idea.

Besides, if people really can’t afford a place like a condo or house, there are several cheapo motels in Frisco that are right on the shuttle lines.

News Flash : There is a distinct possibility that I shall be moving to Canada. If this happens, I will NOT be attending :smiley:

LOL, there is a place in Colorado called Crusted Butt? :smiley:

Well…technically, the name is Crested Butte, but most in Colorado (especially those raised on the western side of the Continental Divide [where the ski slope is]) call it “Crusted Butt”. It just sort of lends itself to that, don’t you think?

It’s probably the most out-of-the-way of all Colorado ski resorts, but fun for just that reason. But Techchick is 100 percent correct in her reasoning.