Winter Dopefest 2002 -- Colorado Mountain Style

Hey folks, how about a cozy Dopefest in the mountains of Colorado, say late January or early February?

Mr.Cynical and I have been discussing this and we think a great time could be had by all in Summit Country Colorado.

There are four ski mountains you can choose from, lots of shopping from speciality shops to exclusive ones, excellent food and a great night life up in that area. They take regular shuttles from Denver International Airport and the Colorado Springs Airport, and I think both Cynical and I (and any other Front Range Doper) would be willing to take a few up with us. Also, they have shuttles that get you around all the towns of Breckenridge, Copper Mtn, Frisco and Keystone.

I have a good friend that works as a real estate agent that can get me some insider info on the good and cheap places to stay. Mr. Cynical has some information as well.

So, what do you all think?

You don’t have to ski, you can go and take lessons if you want. You can sit in a hottub and become a raison while drinking a hot toddy. You can go shopping. There’s a lot more to do that that but that’s just a few of the suggestions.

So come out to Colorado and celebrate winter with us, Colorado style.

For the record, I can fit 11 in my truck.

And, I know where the thermal springs are. God bless 4x4, a GPS and a topo map!

That is, 3 in the front, 3 in the back, and 5 on the queen sized mattress in the bed. It’s covered, too. :smiley: And there’s sliding, screened windows in case it gets too funky.

I will drive up with the luggage in my Honda. :wink: You all can party in the CyniMobile.

Bump and a little information.

If this is put together the first weekend of February there is the International Snow Sculpture Championships…this could be good and it could be bad.

The crowds could be horrendous but the beauty of seeing the scupltures could be good.

Hey any other Colorado Dopers interested? This is open to all Dopers that want to get away from the world for a weekend and enjoy the beauty of one of the prettiest and most fun areas in our state.

If it doesn’t work for the winter, maybe I could put together a summer Summit County get-a-way instead. Your feedback is appreciated.

Sounds like fun to me. I should be able to get some time off from work by then. I can’t ski, because I wrecked my knees when I was younger, but I’d like to meet some people and see the sculptures and do general party type stuff. If anyone else wants to come from the north they can ride with me in my Forester; I live in Fort Collins

Been looking for an excuse to drag myself up to the slopes and get some snowboarding in. I hope the snow doesn’t suck dog balls this season like it did last. A-Basin is my favorite, but Breck and Keystone are perfectly fine too. I’ll try and drag my girlfriend along. (“try and drag”?? She’ll be dragging me around in her snowplay/skiing enthusiasm.)
-Ben in Boulder

Tentatively count me in. Both my brothers live in CO, and I would love to get in both a visit with them and a ski trip. I just can’t commit quite yet, as my employment situation is still up in the air.

Well, if the planets all fall into alignment and I can rob a bank or two, then I would love to laze around in the snow. I will be a drinker, that’s for sure. I went skiing twice in high school on a band trip and that is enough for me.

Hmm, might be do-able…
Any Portland/Seattle Dopers wanna carpool?

I might should add:

I do not ski.

However, I do like to sit around by fires and drink.

Please keep this in mind.

This sounds like fun. I too will be one of the drinkers. In college I skied off the side of a mountain into a bunch of trees… that was quite enough of that.

Count me in.

I just don’t see how falling down repeatedly to ride a pair of sticks down cold stuff could be much fun :smiley:

My parents were skiiers, so I used to ski a fair bit as a younger person, but I haven’t skiied in 14 years. The very best part of the whole experience was taking those damn boots off when you were done for the day and kicking back in the lodge with a nice cup of cocoa.

I’ll be one of the fireside drinkers too (if I make it).

Well, I’ll just be having fun schussing down the slopes without you guys!* :stuck_out_tongue:

*And likely with my two very good-looking brothers, one of whom is single…

Count me in at about 80%.

I’m planning on hitting Tahoe in late March, so this might be a stretch with work, but fuck’em- they wanna keep me away from home so much, I don’t see why I can’t choose to do the same. I’ve only been to the Aspen ranges, Teluride and Steamboat, so any of the ones near y’all would be a nice change.

FTR: I ski and board, so depending on the snow/powder, I’ll be chosing my ride and making plans day-to-day. Hot springs are great, though only if we can do the whole “skip-and-go-naked” thing.

Oh, and BTW: my birthday is mid-late February, if that affects your planning at all (and it should.)

Damn, wish we could afford and have a place available like this! (man that would be a kick ass place!)

However, since that aint gonna happen, I have a call into my friend that lives in Summit County to see what she can come up with since she deals in real estate.

In the meantime I will see if my brother would be willing to loan us their house up in Breckenridge. If that’s the case, I will ask everyone kick in financially to have the place professionally cleaned. Those of us that smoke might not be able to smoke in the house though, which is a serious draw back. However, if I can get the house it would be a cheapo weekend for the most part. I believe it has four bedrooms two or three baths, etc. So, if I do get the house, then a few might be able to kick back on the floor of the main living area.

I will talk to him about this this weekend.

Goodness, couldn’t get techie to bite on the “good-looking single brother” hook. You’re slipping, girl!

I was talking to MrC last night and I mentioned that if I’m going to head out there, I’d like to do a weeks worth of skiing/boarding. A weekend is great, but a week is better.

Anyone else wanna look into a chalet or condo or something for the week?

Count me in, but not for more than a couple of days at the most. Without me, no paper comes out here.

I love skiing and (like Mr. Cynical)post-skiing activities. Like you techchickie I grew up on the West Slope (south of Montrose) so I spent more time on the slopes than in the classroom when growing up (can still do a Christy turn better than I can deal with fractions).

Weather is no problem for me (barring another Bizzard of '97-but even with that I probably could still make it {my little 4-wheel drive will go almost anywhere], but I would have to cover the blizzard for my paper).

I would have prefered Steamboat, Crested Butte or Teluride (I’m still a Western Sloper at heart), but I can survive lift lines for a Dopefest.