So who all is in Colorado?

I am in the process of settling into my new home and was wondering who all else from the boards was around- might have to organize a 'fest one of these days once I have some concept of my workload.


Stay away from I25 & Evans when it rains. Better yet, stay way from I 25.


Denver proper here.

Fenris, who doesn’t hang around the Dope as much as he used to, is somewhere in the Denver area – drop him an e-mail.

Thornton here. I was worried when we moved here, but we’ve been here almost a year and so far, we can’t smell Commerce City. This is a very good thing. We’re pretty near the airport, but we haven’t found the planes annoying, or even really noticed them.

I’m in the mountains. About 15 miles south of Breckenridge.

I’m in Denver.

And I just realized that I completely spaced out on the FCM dinner two weeks ago. Ack!

Did someone send the thread up just before? Or is my brain just completely dysfunctional? I’m sorry, FCM!

I am from Denver wave. I’d be up for any sort of SDMB festivities. As long as they include beer.


I am waving from Colorado Springs.

I’m in Denver too. Welcome.

Not quite Alma, I’m about a half mile from the top of Hoosier Pass. My house is at 11,200’. I may be the ‘highest’ doper. :smiley:

Winter is just around the corner.

Englewood here, just outside of Parker. I’d love to do a Dope Fest, problem is I have a crappy schedule. I don’t know what’s wrong with us Colorado dopers, but we can never get a fest together. Welcome to Colorado & what does NGC of DE mean?

I don’t know if the thread was bumped because I didn’t have computer access that week, but I did miss you. If I ever head that way again…

Unincorportated Arapahoe County right now :wink: Superior in about a month.

Excellent. :slight_smile: We’ll have to get ourself a fest going. I need some time to settle in and get a concept of how much of my soul is owned by my professors, then we can figure out a way to pass the time.

NGC of DE stands for Nonexistent Government Conspiracy of Delaware. I’m originally from DE, and there are periodically threads about how Delaware does not exist.

Also, today I went to the DMV. Lord knows how long it took to get plates and a license. It’s enough to drive a girl to drink…

'Nother Coloradoan here…more to the north end, though. Fort Collins, a.k.a Fort Fun. Where nearly everything includes beer :smiley:

So based on everyone’s replies, I’m going to call this the “fuck culture, let’s drink heavily” 'fest.

I feel your DMV pain. I think it’s like an initiation out here.

There IS culture in Denver. Many, many cultural things to do. For example, you could play pool at the Wynkoop Brewery (owned by our mayor), or watch a game at the Breckinridge Brewery…or take in a band at the Rock Bottom Brewery…and then you have the Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs. Plus, there’s Coors Field, where you can see a game, and before that, you can get dinner at The Keg…or the Tap House if that’s more your style.


From Denver and the Springs, but currently reside in Prague…I try and go back often, but it just doesn’t happen as much as I would like.

What school are you going to? For what?


You forgot to mention that beer is available at Coors Field.

Cherry2000, didya go to the riots? Was there beer?

City and County of Denver here, by about 100 feet. All my beer comes from Aurora.