Any Denver-area Dopers?

It looks I’m gonna be Denver-bound towards the end of next month/sometime in September. Any Denver-area Dopers that might want to meet up? Or at least tell me some decent things to do?

There’s several of us here, SD. What kind of things do you like to do? How long are you going to be here?


Oh, and, I would love to meet you. It could be an occassion for another DopeFest.


I’m looking at being there for probably 4-5 days, counting a weekend. Probably arriving Thursday night, and leaving Monday afternoon. A Dopefest would be cool, but we’ll have to play it by ear. As far as what I’m into, it’s just about everything. Try me. How are the Denver strip clubs? :slight_smile:

I’m not much into strip clubs, at least not the type I think you are talking about (women).

Colorado Law says something like you can’t have total nudity where you serve alcohol, so, most bars where they have strippers are topless, only. There are a couple of all nude places that I can look up the names of, if you want. One of the biggest(?), most popular(?) is downtown and called the Diamond Cabaret which you can look up in the phone book (or I can get you the address).

Maybe some of the other Denver people can give you some ideas, too.


Actually, I’m not into the strip club scene, either. I WOULD like to see a Rockies game, though, if they’re in town the weekend I am. I’m a baseball nut.

As a Rockies fan, I should warn you any similarity between baseball and the game that the Rockies play is purely coincidental. But that being said, it usually is entertaining and Coors Field is neat.

SD, Game and ticketing information for the Rockies can be found here.

As TVTime said, they haven’t been doing very well this (or any) year. They seem to be the latest incarnation of the Mets.


Duly noted about the Rockies, but I can take it: I’m a Cub fan.

Btw, the Diamond Cabaret has one of the best prime rib buffets I’ve ever had. Y’know, in case you needed some extra incentive to go there.