I'm in Denver, anyone want to denverdope?

I’m in Denver for the PASS convention this week. I’ll be here through friday (but I have to be up at 5am on saturday to catch my returning flight). Anyone itnerested in a get-together? I’m generally done by 6 or so and would be up for dinner or hanging at a local bar.

I’m staying at the Grand Hyatt, just a few blocks from the Convention Center.

Such threads really belong in the forum called MPSIMS, rather than Cafe Society… right, crazyjoe? That’s where you meant to put it, right?

mmm…well I WAS hoping to meet at a cafe, but I suppose you’re right :slight_smile:

I would be able to Friday.

I can’t got other people in town visiting. And I’ve been soundly drubbed about the head and shoulders for not calling such an even a Coloradope…you’ve been warned.

I too have visitors, then off to Steamboat Springs for the Brewery fesitival!


We should do a Coloradope soon, though.

I’m up for it. Does the mayor still own a brew pub? I’m from out in the sticks, but it’d be fun to meet a bunch o’Dopers in Hick’s pub.

I could make it later in the evening tonight (Thursday) or after 8 PM Friday.

I’d recommend the Blue Bonnet Cafe if you’re looking for cheesy, greasy Mexican food and decent margaritas, or the Falling Rock for hanging and a wide selection of beer. If you’re looking for other entertainments, I can expand the recommendations list.

Wynkoop Brewing Co is still a going concern. It’ll be darned busy Friday night.

Hey, I would be able to meet with other Dopers near here also!
I have never done this before. How could we get it all together?

I am busy this week (sorry crazyjoe. enjoy Denver!), but would second (or third or fourth) the idea of a Coloradope at some point in the future.