ColoraDope? In C. Springs? Anyone? Anyone?

As some might know, I have resigned my high stress position here in Prague. I will be travelling back to Colorado in a few weeks to help my friend out at his magic and costume shop in Colorado Springs. I’ll be at Zeezo’s on E. Bijou most days from Oct. 21 to Nov. 3. Anyone for a mini-Dope fest somewhere downtown? Either Thursday the 23rd or Friday the 24th? Dinner and drinks at Jose’s or Phantom Canyon or Ritz or wherever y’all have had them before.

If not anything organized, swing by if you get a chance and ask for Thomas.

Take care-

Due to car and money problems I would have to get a ride and wait till the beginning of next month…how long are you in the Springs for?

The title looks like it should be pronounced “CholeraDope”. Maybe not the best mental image for a get-together… :wink:

I’m off the 24th so that would be ideal for me.

Glad to hear of another get-together. I missed the last one darnit!

Why are these things always in CO Springs?

Doesn’t anyone except me live in Denver?



Well, techchick, I could give you a ride and spot you a few beers. I’ll be in Denver and/or Seattle during the beginning of November, but I’ll probably be busy, although if folks wanted to, we could meet up for a quick drink up there as well.

Let’s see if anyone else chimes in before setting a hard date. If it will only be a person or two, let’s do it anyways for a few beers.


Well, I don’t know what happened to you techchick68, but you now know where to find me if you want to chat. Call / swing by the store anytime, chances are good I’ll be there.



I live in denver, and I can give anyone a ride, but I need to know to get whatnot off work.

I’m outta town from the 24th to the 27th, but any other date would be fine with me. Springs is a bit of a drive, Denver would be better 4 me.

OK, let me see where I am on Nov. 3 or 4th, maybe we can have a mini-dope in Denver (my fav place has always been Wynkoop). But I might be flying to Seattle for 2 days around then. I’ll bump this or post a Denver dope thread in 2 weeks.

In the Springs I’ll be there for 2 weeks and I’ll bump this thread to see if anyone can make it on that Friday the 24th. Otherwise just swing by when you have an hour for a beer and we’ll go to Jose’s or Old Chicago’s for a chat. I’d love to meet some Dopers in person.

Take care-

I’ll also attend if it’s in denver, work commitments allowing.

I’d show up if it was in Denver, probably not for colorado springs.