Denver Dopefest?

Lest’s have a get together either this Friday, July 5 or next Friday, July 12 at Good Friends. I actually have both days off and probably can get up to Denver by 7 p.m. or so. I thought we Coloradans should once again try for a successful Dopefest.

Which is a better date?

TV, if I weren’t such a hermit because of a bad acne attack (I look horrible) I would be there with bells on.

Assuming I knew that I would be promised to be left out of any pictures, I would go for the July 12th fest but I don’t know where Good Friends is. If it’s more north than LoDo or whatever, I probably wouldn’t go for sure.

Gonna bump anyway for our working friends that only see the SDMB while at work Mon-Fri.

Sorry folks, the time is late and I would like to bump it. I hope it’s okay.

Where’s CommanderFortune and Athena. I know that Commander moved but she’s still in the area and I think Athena is still in Colorado. She is reportedly moving to Michigan though. I have yet to meet the silly woman as one DenverDopefest she was denied our company because of some incompetant yahoos. They didn’t have a clue even though we told them that anyone with the “Adam’s” reunion/family was to be directed to us.


Oh and I need not forget our C Springs folks that came out of the woodwork recently…come on out. Dopefests aren’t that scary and with my scary face I am more than willing to get my ass to another one. As I said, as long as I am not in pictures, I am there on July 12th or whatever.

Shoot, if anyone needs a ride I have a five passenger Honda and willing to pick anyone up in C Springs to Castle Rock. You just have to deal with my smoking along the way. If you can’t deal with that, then I think we can set something up for you.

Oh yeah and the air conditioning in my car is broken…so you’d have to deal with that.

It’s a four door with a sunroof so later in the day it’s not that bad. So if anyone needs a ride…

I’m not going to go, but I suggest the name…

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dope

as the name of the event. TDDWYD?

Sounds like a possibility. Where is Good Friends?

Good Friends is on Colfax just west of Colorado about five or six blocks (I think the cross street is Adams - but I will check to make sure). It can be reached by any of the nearby one-ways or down (or up) Colorado Blvd. from both 1-70 and 1-25.

Techchick, I look forward to the bells and if you don’t want photos taken of you, I will throw myself between you and the camera whenever it appears.

Alas, I’ll be in Michigan in two weeks, and those two weeks are so busy with packing/organizing a move/etc that I doubt I’ll have time to go to a dopefest. You’ll all have to come to the UP to meet me!

The 12th would be better for me. If we can get a critical mass of people, I’m there…

monster and Sunshine are in there area, too, I believe.

Hello! I am here, and I cannot go on the 5th because my husband’s family is coming into town for the holiday. However, I would be in for the 12th, provided I can get my sitter because my hubby is out of town.

Just keep me posted on what you guys decide.

Well, then it looks as if Friday, July 12 is DD-Day.

I’m probably in then. God, I hate driving downtown. Maybe I can catch a ride with monster. :smiley:

I looked on Qwest’s Website and they couldn’t find any “Good Friends”. They had a Good Company Coffee on Colfax but that was out in Aurora.


I make no promises but I will try to make it. Just need directions.

I will post the address, phone number and direction next Tuesday, July 9.

Hey, Fugazi, that’s fine with me, as long as you don’t mind waiting to make sure I have a sitter!

3100 E Colfax Av DENVER CO 80206

Goodfiriend’s is owned, coincidentally, by Lee Goodfriend. She’s also in partnership with the group that owns Dixon’s and Racine’s.

The 12th? I’ll havta check. I know we’re taking my Dad to Cirque du Soleil that weekend but I don’t know if it’s Fri or Sat nite. And I live downtown…I would be so close!

I’d love to be there and meet everyone but Friday’s are pretty much out for me.