DC Dopefest/Housewarming/etc...

Looks like I just missed the last Dopefest at the pizzaria. Now that our condo is all tidy, GF & I should be able to host a Dopefest. I’ll need to clear this with her, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of a Mardi Gras party on the 24th or 25th. Our Glen Carlyn (near Bailey’s Crossroads) location is not very convenient to Metro. Pentagon is closest, but King Street would be easier to pick up partygoers. Anyone & everyone interested in attending, please let me know.

Well, hell. Won’t be able to make it that weekend…I’ll be visiting my parents in Memphis. :frowning:

Doesn’t have to be that particular weekend, that’s just the one closest to Fat Tuesday.

Well, that date looks fine on my calendar (presuming you’re talking about February 24-25). But, there’s another Dopefest happening in Rockville, MD in a scant two weeks.

Check my sig. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to believe that, after the February Dopefest last year, we went four and a half months before the next one; now it’s hard to find a free weekend to squeeze another one in! :slight_smile:

Let’s see - after Montfort’s “Meet Anniz” tour has its DC-area stop, there’s OpalCat’s birthday gathering on 2/10 (which I won’t be at, unfortunately), but then the calendar opens up again. As far as I know, I can be there. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah - if the date changes, I have no scruples about partying during Lent. :wink:

Ok, since there seems to be so much going on in February already, how about March? St. Pat’s party, anyone?

BTW: a St. Pat’s party has been cleared with my GF.

Most weekends should work for me so long as I have adequate time to tell people I can’t do an academic tournament. I’ll check back with this thread after my ATT meeting tomorrow night with an update.

That should work for us but I’ll have to confirm with Sqrlcub for sure.

Hey, St Pat’s just happens to coincide with my spring break, so I’m all for that!

Works for me. Shall I bring the green dye for the beer?

March 17th kicks off my Spring break, too, and I can’t think of a better way to start than a dope fest. Put Bluesman and I down on the guest list.

Too far away for me to see in the crystal ball–I’m going to be out of town a helluva lot soon. Will let you know, though.

I’m a possibility. Don’t know when my Spring Break is (hell, I don’t even know where my classes are), but anything involving green beer is okay with me.

Who’s driving? Dave, maybe we can carpool! :slight_smile:

March should be cool for me. Only weekends I’m out of town in the coming weeks are the 23rd of February, and then over Easter.

So St. Paddy’s Day it is!

Nacho4Sara, your spring break is the same as mine, and if you meet me in the upper parking lot, I can show you where your classes are. (I go to UMBC, too) :slight_smile:

…though I can’t imagine iampunha as a saint…:smiley:

::adds event to sig::

Lessee who we have so far…


Sofa King

Did I miss anyone?

Reminder: GF is a recovering alcoholic. No green beer here, but I’m sure we can find other things to turn green. :smiley:

Hmm…turn things green…should’ve used (:p) too! :smiley:

Put me down to attend, as well.