Birthday Dope Thingie? Early/mid February

So my birthday is coming up on February 11…

I’d like to go do something, preferably with people. Anyone want to get together for something like food or alcohol or whatever?
…and if so, when and where? My house isn’t really guest-able at the moment.

In any case,


:cool: [sup]I like your idea of a party[/sup][/ul]

Well, Opal my birthday (we’ll omit the fact that this is a BIG one for me…I will no longer be 29) falls on Feb 10. I’ll be watching to see if there’s any interest. I’m not much of a drinker, but this particular age I’m hitting may cause me to get 'faced…

I’m thinking that the Fairfax/Herndon/Reston area is probably the place to aim at…

I’ll see what we can do about getting down that way. It’ll depend on whether we can get transportation down and when it is. But I’ll see what we can do.

Especially if I can help Superdude pull away from those 20’s. It will help me be grateful for the fact that I’ve got another year to go! :smiley:

Are we talking weeknight or weekend, for the actual get-together?

Feb. 14 falls on a Friday this year, and I suspect my wife will want to spend that evening with just me, rather than me and a group of Dopers. If it’s a weekend, the previous weekend probably makes more sense.

Either way, closer to the Beltway is easier for those of us coming from other parts of the area, but especially if it’s a weekday evening - if it’s out in Herndon, that’s a long way to go out and come back in the dark on a weeknight. Tysons would be a lot more manageable for us.

I’m up for something. Should be pretty flexible in terms of scheduling.


Well happy birthday to ya’ll, mine is on Feb 18th but I’m not close enough to dopefest. Have fun … :slight_smile:

I’ll be in the area over the long President’s Day weekend - I might be able to persuade my spouse that we need to hang with some Dopers if it goes down that weekend. And it’s not too long after my B-day so maybe I could be one of the honorees??

Yowza!! Count me in!

That’s right - that’s the long weekend, isn’t it? There’s probly room for both spousal Valentine’s Day stuff, and a Dopefest too, that weekend. :slight_smile:

The weekend before is sounding better then… and Tyson’s is fine, but I don’t know the area at ALL so I’ll need recommendations on a place. Ideas?

And what day is better for people? And would a late afternoon thing be better than an evening thing? (I’m also thinking of places being crowded)

…and we’ll need the names of all the near-birthday attendees so that I can get them all written on the cake! heh

Superdude, I’ll trade with you. I’m hitting 4-0 on the 19th.

Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to make it to a fest, as I plan on having a mid-life crisis that month. :wink:

As for a location, how about California Pizza Kitchen in Tysons I? They have pretty good food, including quite a few vegetarian selections.

I can’t eat pizza. Since my surgery it makes me vomit. (It is one of the very few things I’ve tried that I just can’t tolerate)

What about that freaky jungle place in tysons?

Works for me.

You mean there will be drinking at a SDMB get together? Well I never. I don’t see why I can’t be there since I am only 45 mintues away. Oh and Superdude you’re gonna be old, hey don’t look at me like that I’ve got a least 4 more months til I turn 30!