MidAtlantic Birthday Dopefest?

My birthday is February 11 which is a Sunday. I’m thinking of hosting a dopefest in the NoVa area that Saturday if there is interest. Either it will be at a restaurant or at my complex’s clubhouse, depending on expected attendance.

So who would be interested? My birthday is just my excuse to host something, it’s just a regular dopefest like all the others.

Hey Opal,

I think that I might be able to make it. It sounds like a great idea.


We could have a Valentine’s theme, since it’s right before Valentine’s day…

If it would be better to do it the following Saturday, we could do that…

::Checks calendar::

Hmmm. I pull back in to Norfolk 7 Feb. I go back to sea 13 Feb. So I need to be back aboard the IKE 12 Feb.

I have no valentine.

Will there be naked breasts at this dopefest?

Boobies? Unsure. Right now it doesn’t look like anyone but Billdo is coming. Bill? You wanna show your boobies?

Opal, you can put DrMatrix and me down as a definite/maybe (the maybe contingent mostly on a place to crash).

I spoke with Ukelele Ike for a few minutes last night, and he mentioned an interest in attending as well. He even suggested that if several NYC people were going, we could rent a car.

Cool! But the real question is… will you show your boobies?

I seriously doubt that ChiefScott would be interested in seeing my boobies. ::wink::

Well he didn’t specify…

If it’s a weekend that I don’t already have plans for I’ll drive down.

Saturday, Feb 10

Sure, I’ll see if I can make it. It’s not a far drive and my schedule’s usually flexible. :slight_smile:

No boobies tho…well they wont be mine. :wink:

My boobies are small, but I plan on bringing them.




Cajun Man


Opal since my birthday is February 16, I may very well try to make it. Depends on my work schedule. Count me as a maybe.

Oh hell, why not. I can then have a Dopefest EVERY WEEKEND for a month! :slight_smile:

Sqrl and I would be there.

Much as I hate to say it, Opal, I don’t think I can make it. I’ll look forward to seeing you at Montfort’s get-together the weekend before, though!

Car problems and a schedule in constant flex will not allow me to positively commit, Ope… naked breasts or not (though there does seem there will be a dearth of naked female breasts it is not a “make or break” issue in my mind).

I’ll try to make it. 'twould like to see “birdie lady” again at least!!

I will be distraught and upset, having dropped Anniz off at the airport for her return flight to Sweden that afternoon, on the occasion of your Dopefest, Opal.

Sorry, I won’t be making it. :frowning: