Northern VA Multi-Birthday Dope Feb 15

Since the other thread was sort of nonspecific in title, I’ve started this new one.

Old thread:

When: Saturday, February 15 at 4:00pm
Where: Rainforest Cafe, Tysons Corner, McLean, VA,
Why: Several Mid-Atlantic birthdays

Attendance list so far:

OpalCat and small monster
GingerOfTheNorth and offspring-unit
RTFirefly and possibly woman
MsRobyn and small pink thing
Jonathan Chance, wife, and baby
FairyChatMom and spousal unit
Edward The Head
Lucretia and 1.5 children

**Maybe: **

Damn straight. I’m still game.

I’ve already made my flight reservations for that weekend. All I have to do is make sure to get my sequinned gown to the cleaners and find some 6" stiletto heels. :smiley:

[sub]translation: jeans and sneakers. I don’t do gowns and I most definitely don’t do stiletto heels[/sub]


I have both. JC can wear them if he so desires.

Is it too late to get in on this one?

No, that is why I posted the new thread, because it gave the location and I figured we might wrangle in a few more attendees.

I’m still in.

It’s nowhere near my birthday, but I’ll clear my calendar for then.

I think we birthday folks should list which one it is.

I’ll be 36 on February 25.

I’ll be 31 on February 11

btw, I’ll take care of bringing a cake

Feb 25 was my dad’s b-day… But he would have been 73 this year, so I don’t think you’re my dad… :eek:

I just turned 49 this past week, so I’ll be a late celebrant.

Airman is now a “possible”, as is Zappo.

And Aaron is hardly a “small” pink thing. Well, small in comparison to a full-grown elephant. :wink:


Before I forget, Aaron will be six months old on Feb. 1st.


You may all rejoice, as Bluesman is now a probably. At least, I’m rejoicing.

FCM, the strange connection betwixt us grows by the day.

This thing is getting huge, isn’t it? Who’s bringing the cheeze whiz?

Cheeze Whiz? Like, in a can, so we can decorate you?

Now that’s a picture to dread! :eek:

I’ll be 49 on March 6.

Dave shouldn’t be the only MAD in drag. We should get RT dressed up one day. Or Airman Doors - he’s got such a purty mouf.