Dope-A-Ween III DC/VA/MD/PA/WV/NC 10/25/03

Just because ol’ thinksnow thinks he’s so smart!

What say everyone come on over to our place in costume on Saturday, October 25, 2003 and have a crazy-mad party?

Who’s up for it?

Sound off!

Well, if you’re gonna twist my arm…

He’ll only twist it to get Jenny’s phone number off of it.

Of course we’ll be there!


I’m clearing my calendar. Which usually means that something will spring up at the last minute.

Hmmm…can I do two dopefests in one month? Do I want to drive ten hours? Yes, that’s right, I have a car now so I don’t have to take a bus!

We’ll see…I’m not quite sure what my financial situation will be, then. Gas is expensive…Hell, it might be cheaper to actually take the bus again.

We’re there, dude.

Consider punha and I there.

Now I’ve got to come up with costume ideas. I’ll try to be a little more creative than last year.

Whereas I will be markedly LESS creative.

That’s right, folks. First year I was Cecil Himself. Last year I was Clark Kent/Superman/Mr. Tire Swing Destroyer Man (actually not an Adam Sandler creation). This year … I’m having difficulty thinking up amusing clues.

Clue 1 (not saying it’s amusing, just that it’s a clue): I’ll have a speech prepared for my role in the play.

I ain’t saying any more than this, but there’s a good chance that the marker will be playing a MUCH more prominent role in my costume this year.

Would be glad to again visit your part of VA, Sir!

Last year, I was a fried egg. This year, my costume is, again, food-related but not food itself. (It’s hard to find a good toast costume.) I gotta find myself a better hobby.

(That’s all the hints you’re going to get.)


Dave and I will be there as ourselves, but not-as-fat as last year. Maybe we’ll even have costumes!

I’m trying to talk Tark into going this year. We’re having our (much smaller, non-publicized) party on November 1, so there’s no conflict there. Remind me please, though…is it kid-friendly, or would we have to velcro the kids into the closet for the night?

No, we’re more than kid friendly. Kate’s got to have someone to play with.

We serve alcohol and allow no drugs. Public sex is discouraged.

Yeah I’ll be there, but I’ll have to leave at a normal hour this time.


I with Jonathan Chanve on this one, you’re not a true fan of Dope-A-Ween unless you spend the whole damn night there!

The man’s done it. I attest.

Damm…I’m jealous already. Have fun, all you MADs, and hoist a few for Bluesman and I.