Best. Dopefest. Ever. the Dope-A-Ween aftermath thread

I thought that people who hadn’t been posting to it might not go into a 7 page long “planning” thread so I figured I’d start a new one.

Pictures so far: (more soon as people send them in)

A wild time was had by all. Check out the movie of nyctea scandiacap getting her feather boa stuck in the chandelier during the Truth or Dare game! ;D

Ok people… memorable moments?

I wish I’d been there, but nobody responded to my request for a ride.

Purely out of curiosity… I wonder what the count is of women who wore lace-up bodices of some sort? I can think of at least 5 without even trying.

Five? I only counted you, Ginger, Siege, and nyctea, and that’s the sort of thing that I usually notice. Who was the other one?

(On an unrelated topic, the number of beautiful and intelligent women at this fest was just staggering. Cool party!)

Hamadryad was another one.

Side note: ultrafilter has happy fun bouncy knees ;D

The Pittsburgh contingent is home safe, sound, and satisified. Also, just for the record, my bodice was not lace-up, I’m afraid. Jonathan Chance, if you’ve finished undoing the damage yet, thank you for a wonderful party and for a chance for me to enjoy the best of company. I had a great time.


Siege: I thought it laced up on the sides? I must be mistaken. Sorry.

The video of that little stunt of mine … ah well. Poorly lit. Perhaps at the next Chance Fest I can do one in better light. By the time I thought to do it (on a break from Boggle, which break turned out to be not a break but the end of the game), it was rather dark outside.

I’m actually surprised I managed to do it, given how slippery the rug and floor were. I’m told I was getting good height outside doing them on the lawn.

Anyhow. Y’all have not lived until you’ve played Boggle with Siege, Poly and Mrs. and … it was Scuba_Ben and someone else, I think. My brother was in on it too.

And won. Getting seven points in the first round when nobody else thought to include plurals kinda helped. I almost got shut out one round.

Giving my beloved a medical exam in front of the rest of the Tru-Dare crowd was fun (moreso for me than her, I think). Telling a much-abridged (that_darn_cat was inventing new shades of red) story of the night in the tent was highly amusing, though I didn’t mention several reasons for its significance (which reasons ain’t never getting posted if they weren’t already), and I’m surprised, given the lurid detail some others gave, that they were satisfied with, basically, “I spent a night in a tent with an engaged couple and we didn’t sleep for about five hours”:smiley:

And OpalCat picked a hell of a night to start wearing underwear.

Yeahhhh. I don’t think this thread is going to be raising the tone of the board any time soon…

All I can say is I’m damned glad I didn’t roll doubles at any point during tru-dare!!:smiley:

You and me both, lady! :smiley: OpalCat, I think I’ve got the source of your confusion. That dress had ties on the side, but they were almost entirely decorative. Nothing but the ties themselves would have come apart or undone if they’d been untied (sorry, guys!). I’m not sure if that qualifies or not.


Rolling doubles was pretty irrelevant by the end for me! Well, except that the fact that I took my bra off for that one meant that for the sake of the JC household, I did get to keep my chemise on when I landed on the Dread Square 52 (or whatever it was). My stomach is frighteningly un-toned and is a sight best left imagined.

The scary thing? When I realized I’d forgotten to put on my black underwear [size 7 and fit] and had instead kept my orange underwear [size 8 and irritatingly baggy and not very comfortable] I did consider just taking them off and leaving them in the car. Good thing I didn’t, eh?

I’m gonna guess you’d have been cosiderably less comfortable, psychologically, at least, if you’d ended up leaving them in the car.

If anyone was concerned, I got back safe around 12:30 last night. The violin also escaped equally unscathed, though like my suit, probably smells like barbecue smoke. :frowning:

I’d have played more, but Weirddave told me to stop. Poo on him, I’ll just have to play more next year!

And I’m soooo glad I didn’t get in on the Truth or Dare game. No one wants to see me with my shirt off.

Well, just learn Free Bird by then, OK?:smiley:

Dammit, I hate living so far away from everyone. It looks like you guys had so much freaking fun.

Well considering that we didn’t want to disrespect JC’s house too much, and there were kids in the next room… had I not been wearing undies I’d have gone back to suare 35 instead.

Ok that’s just my excuse. I’d have gone back to 35 regardless.

AntaresJB, remind me again of where you live and perhaps something can be arrange. Oh, and Av8rmike, don’t bet on that!


ok now it’s been almost 12 hours since I left the party… and I haven’t gotten ANYONE ELSE’S PHOTOS YET! What’s the delay, people? :wink:

Siege - I’m way up north-central PA area. My hometown’s right near Williamsport, and my college is about an hour north of there. Theoretically, I could make the drive to one of the farther-south fests (well, not at the moment, with my car’s busted radiator hose and dangly muffler) but getting everything arranged would be difficult and I’m a little afraid of driving all that distance and y’all might end up not liking me. :slight_smile: