Who wants to do OrlanDope?

Since I missed the last one, I’m taking the initiative to suggest this one.

Lake Eola Park, Winter Park Village, just about anywhere… who’s in?

Work has me down in Orlando quite a bit, and I love the town. I’d be up for this!

Maybe. I’m not good at committing to social occasions. :smiley: Depends on where/when/what.

Same for me. I’ll be in Orlando soonish though and would try to make it.

Depends for me too, but I’d be interested in another one too even though I did make it to the last.

Just let me know and I’ll check my schedule!

Hmm. Let’s throw Saturday, May 3rd out there for now, and we’ll modify as necessary.

I was thinking we meet at some well-known location, preferably outside so we can make trenchant observations about people walking past while we wait and/or try to guess which Doper the person walking up is…

…followed by a low-intensity booze-up, then… profit?

I’m not sure it should be tied to a particular attraction/event because I don’t want to put off people that aren’t into… whatever we choose.

I think that will work for me. Are we doing lunch or dinner?


What? I get hungry fast.

Late lunch would be best, I think. I imagine those of us who are DF virgins will be more comfortable meeting during the day.

I would vote for a quiet place where we can have a nice chat.

Preferably, not a chain restaurant. Ya know, unless you really want to treat us all to Emeril’s :wink:

Gee, I’ll be in Orlando on May 3. For my daughter’s graduation from UCF. And on May 4, for her wedding.

Yeah, not too likely that I could OrlanDope, but I hope you all have fun!

New plan- we all crash FairyChatDaughter’s wedding.

Or graduation, even. Are Ivy and I the only UCF alumni?

I think I can do Orlando on the 3rd.

Me too.

My brother is a UCF alumni (Mech Eng). He’s a lurker. I don’t think he has a screen name or anything.

I’m probably down for whatever, but I’m terrible at planning. Just get the details together (where/when/what) and count me in (probably). I’m about 2 hours from Orlando, but lurker brother lives there.
And what’s this crap about “low intensity booze-up”? Bring it on!!!

**FCD ** went to UCF, which is partly why daughter wanted to go there. And you don’t have to crash the wedding - I need some workers, so you can come work the wedding, then go out and party. Win-win! :smiley:
Or not… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a Master’s from UCF. Does that count? Admittedly, it was through a satellite campus…I’ve only visited the main campus twice.

Hmmm…Orlando? It’s a bit of a hike (3 hours, methinks), but I’m enough of a Dope Fiend to want to make the trip (Hell, I’m driving to Tampa in a week and a half to see a Ray’s game!). Plus, I could stop off at Mom’s in Daytona, which would make her day.

I wish Acid Lamp and I could come, but I don’t think we’ll have any spare money to make a trip to a Dopefest and be able to pay for food for us. :frowning: Maybe in five or six months if we can get our finances straight…

What trip? You’re already IN Orlando (according to your location)! The only dopefest I’ve ever been to was a few years ago and drove to GA for the damn thing! It was great though.

Dammit! That’s the one weekend in May I have a prior engagement. :frowning: Somebody make dirty jokes and laugh at the drunks for me, consarnit.

(I am in Bradentucky, but would cheerily make the drive to Orlando to meet a buncha Dopers, don’t you know.)