Floridope, anyone?

By my count, it’s been nine years since the last Central Floridope. Seems like it’s time to rectify that. To be honest, I don’t know if anyone who came to the last one is still living here other than Ludovic (you are still here, right?) and ivylass.

We can chat, we can drink, we can pour one out for the dearly departed Autolycus, and start a reggae band. Or whatever you guys like.


Yes; a thousand times yes!I’ve never been and have been hoping someone would call for one (since I don’t have the cajones to do it myself).

I should have also mentioned that I don’t just mean “yes, I’ll go” but that if we do it and I can help in arranging it or anything, I’ll be glad to.

My approach to arranging things is pretty slapdash (“let’s all meet up at Winter Park Village at 2 p.m. on Saturday and get drunk”) so somebody with arranging skills would be helpful. :slight_smile:

I’m game.

I’m definitely up for it.

I’m not good at organizing either but if I had a vote I’d like to do Epcot and drink around the world. If that’s too expensive for everyone then Disney Springs (i.e. former Downtown Disney) or Downtown Orlando or Downtown Winter Park would be nice too. Old Town seemed too crowded relative to the fun involved but wasn’t all that bad either.

Let me know when and where and I’ll see what my schedule says.

Not sure I can make it all the way up to Orlando.

Sounds interesting. Need advance notice, so I can get cheap airfare.

That’s pretty hardcore. :slight_smile: I was thinking sometime toward the end of February - weekend of the 27th, maybe?

I’m free most any time and am thinking of something a little lower key than EPCOT (though I’ll go along with it if that’s what the majority wants). I’m only familiar with Tampa Bay area places so won’t be much help in suggesting anything not in that metro area but I’ll be glad to research, get the word out, whatever else needs to be done. IIf there’s anyone from my area that might want to carpool, we can probably arrange that too.)

I would prefer to avoid EPCOT too, just because I can’t do drinking around the world without getting horribly shitfaced.

Just checked the airfare. 2 C notes round trip. Its doable.

Where roughly would this be? Anywhere in greater Miami I’ll be there on short notice. Anywhere else in the US I’m still mostly game but working my schedule can be challenging.

I’m in. Thanks!

It’s in the 70’s this weekend in Orlando. Nothing I gotta shovel. :slight_smile:

I’m in Orlando from this Sunday till Wednesday. I am more than happy to meet dopers on Tuesday afternoon/evening, and I’m willing to drive a ways. I’ve met dopers from all over the country and abroad, it’s about time to meet some Floridians.

C’mon, be spontaneous.

I’m more than willing to do any of the three days, just Tuesday works best for me.

Hmm…I do have this shiny Disney Annual Pass…
I’m a definite maybe…in large part depending on what part of “Central Florida” or the surrounding area it turns out to be. I’m only slightly closer than LSLGuy.

I’d propose a Fort Lauderdope…
ETA: I’m booked on Feb 27th and 28th, but don’t try to schedule around me if it’s not really local to me.

Well, here’s the thing: you certainly don’t want to have a Floridope without good ol’ Tibby. I’ll be attending a conference at Disney’s Swan Hotel (or maybe it’s the Dolphin Hotel, I’ve got to check) the last week of February. But, I won’t have my car (I’m taking Amtrak). So, If you want to schedule something at my hotel (the Swan, or Dolphin) that’s ok by me…with a couple caveats:

  1. You don’t raid my mini-bar
  2. You don’t go all Keith Moon on my hotel room
  3. You leave by 10pm because I’m old and need my sleep (unless you’re a hot doper chick…then you can stay as long as you like).