Who's up for an Orlando Dope Fest?

I am! ::raises hand::

I haven’t seen half of you guys for half as long as I would have liked, and I haven’t seen the other half of you guys for much too long.

Just kidding. I miss all of you!

How does Saturday October 18th sound to all and sundry? Food suggestions? I’m down for sushi or Turkish again.

And you haven’t seen me at all.

I’m in- and very glad somebody else is going to handle this one. It was almost a disaster last time, thanks to me.

So, ummm… anyone else? :frowning:

would it help if I raised the other hand too?

Strangely enough, October 18th actually works for me and I’m not working. (This is a rare enough occurrence.) If homework isn’t too crazy, I’d be down for another dopefest.

Does it have to be in Winter Park? Or can we do it elsewhere? [sub]I promise I won’t suggest Kissimmee unless you guys want to go to Three Sisters Speakeasy.[/sub]

I’m down for anywhere in Orange or Seminole counties.

Drink a quart for me, Florida hommies.

There’s a really cool Oktoberfestgoing on, practically in my backyard, that weekend. Plus potentially Game 6 of the ALCS (Go Rays!). So I don’t think I’ll make it to Orlando. Feel free to swing down to Tampa though.

What are you talking about? I had a lovely time!

I think I can pencil in Oct 18. I’ll be the lady with no hair. :smiley:

I said almost a disaster. :smiley:

I did too.

Well, you’re not to blame for the rain, and the pizza place was good, and I learned Publix owns Crispers and **Hypno-Toad **is an excellent minature painter. Plus that was the night that Ivylad noticed my jeans were getting baggy. :smiley:

Let me know where and when and I’ll see what I can do. No sushi, though, if I get a vote. Not a fan.

I’m 5’5". That’s hardly miniature.

I could do it again, too! Closer to my condo would be preferable so I can drink but I didn’t mind the walk too bad the last time :slight_smile:


I can give you a ride again if you want.

Well, anyone got any restaurant ideas? I know tons in the WP area, but not so many outside of that.

Let’s keep it cheap. I’m broke.

On the other hand, I require beer for sustenance.

I agree with this, and add a request that the only beers on tap should include something other than the standard Bud Light. I only drink that when I’m cheap and desperate. :wink:

Well, I’m not drinking right now, so there better be food too.

So, restaurant suggestions? If nobody has one, I’m going with Bosphorus again. But, I’d really like to try something new.