Green Mountain Dopefest

It’s been almost two years, and it’s about durned time we had another Green Mountain Dopefest here in Burlington, Vermont.

I’ve been talking with some other local dopers (read: within a two hour drive), and it seems that the weekend of October 10-12 works out well for many of us. Hopefully (depending on weather) the leaves will still be beautiful (it will be past peek, but still should be nice), and it won’t be too cold yet.

As far as activities, we can figure that out once we see how many folks feel like showing up, but I’m sure we’ll come up with plenty to do. If it’s not too cold by then, picnicing somewhere nice outdoors might be fun. Other ‘Vermont-ish’ posibilities include apple picking and maybe taking a tour of a cider mill.

Anyway, obviously this is in the preliminary stages, but I thought I’d test the waters now; it is, afterall, only three months away.

I’m preliminarily in. But I vote against the tour of the cider mill. I assume you’re talking about the one in Stowe, and I went once and was mightily disurbed by the cartoon of smiley, happy apples being thrown into the masher.

Apple picking sounds good.

Not into sadistic apple-murder? That’s cool.

Oh, and welcome back, by the way. :slight_smile:

I plan on being in the area on the weekend of October 4-5 if there is any flexibility in the scheduling.

Sadly not, Nemo. I’m going to be in Boston that weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Wish you could be here for BurlingDope, round two.


Thats colombus day weekend and my wife and I are going to be up there. Sounds good to me. How about a tour of some of the breweries? Catamount or Magic Hat. I have a buddy who works for Magic Hat. Are the Alipine slides running still? Or are they done in Sept.

I’ve never been to a fest… Always wanted to though. My wife will be with me, I’m sure thats cool right?

It might work for me, since it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving week-end. I’ll know more in a couple of weeks. So put me down for a tentative yes.

I should be able to make it, and take some fellow Montreal dopers who don’t have cars!

I am so in! I missed the last VT dopefest, and no way in Hell am I missing this one! And as for a tour of a cider mill, we shouldn’t go to Stowe, we should to to Boyard’s Orchard in Monkton, VT. It’s ten minutes from my house (thirty minutes from Burliongton, which I think is closer than Stowe.! Of course, we can’t go to my house, my parents might be off put if I being home some friends I met on the internet!

A brewery tour could be fun, but what about us under 21 crowd (I’ll still have a month to go at that point.) I know some great lunch places, although seeing as Eonwe actually lines IN Burlington, he probably knows more!

And no trip to VT can be complete without some shopping on Church Street, can it? (Besides, I need an excuse to go to Paradise Burritos.)

Which one’s Vermont again? The one next to Maine, or the other one?


I’m in. I bet I can find someone to drive me.

And while I know Eonwe knows this, I will tell the rest of you: that weekend is two days after my birthday! Conveniently enough, my 21st, so I can drink when I’m down there. Woo.

Not fair! LaurAnge gets to drink, but I can’t :frowning:

Sure, I’ll try my level best to show. Anyone in NH need some transit, let me know.

Just waiting until I was conveniently out of town, eh Eonwe?

Unable to schedule it when you’re inconveniently in town, more like it! :wink:

Umm… my attendance (and that of jeremy evil) depends on a few things besides the usual money issues.

  1. Jer will no doubt be in midterms around then.

  2. We might be having a huge (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner here at the Pad of Evil®. But we might end up doing that later on for American Thanksgiving, since Jer’s still half-American.

  3. If we’re not doing the dinner here, I might then go to my parents’ in Ottawa for Thanksgiving, and I might bring Jer with me. This will require upping my anxiety meds at very least… dealing with my family and my male fiancé at the same time… :eek: I just don’t want to go there. (Don’t get me wrong, my family’s great, but still…)

So I dunno… is that weekend set in stone? I owe Eonwe a Dopefest, since he’s attended three of mine.

It is set in stone, just because it’s the one weekend out of five that I don’t really have other commitments (I know, I know, it’s always about me). :slight_smile:

I live in bennington, so it’d be a drive for me…I’d love to go though. However, I’m getting married the following weekend so I’m bascially going to be keeping my wife sane and myself heavily medicated…

BTW, those in the Northeast Kingdom - What-a-weekend weather wise huh? Everything south of Brattleboro was swamped whereas we had plentiful sun! I was up at our place on Ricker Pond near Rygate, Oh my God! Fantastic weekend, but fall is in the air…

It was gorgeous this weekend, though I was helping a friend move on Friday evening in the middle of the downpour we had.

Well, Antiquarian, if you so desire to come up for even just a day that weekend, just let us know. It should be good times.

It can’t really be that long a drive, Antiquarian. I’m coming from Troy, NY, which is what…twenty minutes from Bennington? What way would you go? Up Route 7? It might be quicker to go into Troy, get onto the Northway, take that to Plattsburg, then ferry on over to the Queen City. I think that’s what I’ll do…Hell, maybe I can give you a ride.