Green Mountain Dopefest

Well then Eonwe, I don’t know if I should even say “pencil me/us in” … Priority #1 is Jer’s school and any assignments/exams he has. The dinner we can always have later on American Thanksgiving, but if we’re not doing anything special for Can. Thanksgiving here in Montreal, there will be major pressure from my parents to go visit them, and I’d like to get out of that, so you see the dilemma.

Of course, the easiest solution would be to say that I’ll come to Burlington, maybe with Jer, maybe without, and tell my parents I can’t visit them because I’m going to one of those internet gatherings that we refer to as a “certain kind” of fest that they don’t like when I mention. (Dopefest.)

Christ on a crouton, I’m 31. Will they ever get off my back?

If money permits, and I can stay at Casa Eonwe, it’s very very possible. If no one is driving from Montreal, I’ll take the bus, but it would be real nice if CuriousCanuck could come get me and LaurAnge and whoever else, and we could all drive down together.

Just no stupid answers at the border this time.

So voilà, in one single reply, I’ve gone to a “no” to a “very possible”. See how much I love you, Eonwe? :wink:

Bouv - The fiance and I would love to make it up, and yeah Troy is like a 25 minute drive for us…But we are getting married the following weekend :slight_smile: and it would be very difficult for us to get away… I’m envious though, it sounds like a lot of fun…If anyone likes ice fish’in, maybe we could do that at our camp up in Rygate sometime this winter. I’ve got a couple snow machines…Oh, oh excuse me, shkedues, and they are always a blast on the lake. Might break out the quads too.

Ok, we’re a month and a few days away here, and I think I’ll do the “make a list of everyone” thing now. So:

Folks who have expressed interest:
scott evil

Folks who will hopefully find this through vanity searches:
Curious Cannuck
(time for another vacation, no?)

Er, and all you people from Montreal or Boston, or the State of NY (as well as Vermont… I know there are a bunch of us. Come on out, people!), should be getting down/up/over here! It’ll be great fun. As to what that fun will be, I’m going to wait to see who and how many we have.

So, if your name is on this list, post here again and let me know if you know if you’re coming yet. I’ve got couch space (a fold-out futon), floor space, and on Saturday night an extra bed as well, so I’m more than happy to put some folks up if they need it. Sadly, I think I’m the only Burlington doper who can do that (not that there are very many of us to begin with), so I’ll be taking on a first come, first serve basis (e-mail me at to request space).

If your name is not on this list and it should be, post for goodness sake! The more the merrier!

In another week-ish I’ll have an itinerary planned. Suggestions are welcome. I like the brewery tour idea, Phlosphr; when are you thinking you’ll be here, so we can plan accordingly?

I think my wife and I will try to get in on this. We like driving up to Vermont. Is a Ben & Jerry’s stop on the menu?

Bah Eonwe , you wait to throw a VT dope fest AFTER I’ve moved to Vegas??? May your twigs and berries be bitten by rabid squirrels! :frowning:

Oh well, maybe there’s a Vegas Dopefest in the near future.


Most assuradly I am still coming, Eonwe. I’m happy to have a floor, that’s good enough for me. Hell, I’d sleep in the park if they’d let me. Details in my email.

As for itinerary suggestions, I think that the brewery is a good idea, and it looks like I’m the only under 21 doper who is going to be there. I guess I can wait outside, or something. No no, it’s fine, go have your fun without me.

Friday evening suggestions:

A bar somewhere- again, I am under 21, so a bar that allows 18 and over is certaintly preffered. I don’t know any places in the Burlington area, seeing as I never had any need to know of them, so I’ll leave that up to Eonwe

Saturday morning I say is the time for orchard. I really like Boyar’s in Monkton. It’s about 30 minutes away from Burlington, and in addition to apples they have honey from their own hive (a hive that has a part cutaway with a piece of glass in it so you can see in.) You can even buy whole honeycombs! They also have concord grapes, all sorts of vegetables and pumpkins, fresh made cider (with an old-fashioned press from the turn of the century that you can see working!) and other Vermont products, like Cabot cheese and so forth. Very worth it, and NO video of happy apples getting squished. (p.s., bring an empty milk jug to put the cider into, it’s cheaper that way.)

We pretty much have to go back to Burlongton for lunch, as Monkton is way to small to have a restaurant (they do have a general store, though…that’s about it.) Hinesburg is actually a place for lunch, if need be, it’s in between Monkton and Burlington. They have the Good Times Cafe, Koval’s Deli and Bakery, and a couple other places. If we go to Burlington, we can go to that place that’s off of Church street…I forget the name, but they have great burgers and the sign out front spins around.

This post is getting long, so I’ll hold off on more suggestions for a while.

Oh, man, I’d love to go… unfortunately, I’m planning a trip in November, and Burlington is a wee bit too far away to visit every month. Maybe next year!

Eonwe, just keep in mind that while of course I’m interested, there’s still that whole matter of Canadian Thanksgiving. My mother asked yesterday if I had any plans yet (i.e. hint hint, go visit them). And there’s Jer and his turkey thing. So I don’t know.

I, of course, desperately want to go and I thought I was a 100% for sure.


I got my syllabi. Looks like all my midterms are the week after that weekend. So would it be okay if I said I’m going to try my very bestest to be ahead in all my classes so I can come, but I might have to ditch at the last minute?

Or maybe come and skip half of the events?

Hehheh, Sanscour, as a matter of fact there was supposed to be a Vegas Dopefest the very same weekend as the Green Mountain Dopefest. People started planning it back in June, then interest fizzled out sometime around July. I attempted to revive it with a new thread, but haven’t had much luck.

Here’s my thread, which also contains a link within to the old VegasDope thread:

It’s still touch-and-go for me. I will know for sure at the end of the month. However, if I go, I will require a ride and lodgings (not much a 6’ X 3’ floorspace would do the trick).

I’ll be free that weekend, I just need to find a way over there from Plattsburgh. Does anyone know the cost of a Grayhound or any other way to get there?

And is there a small space of floor I could sleep on over there?

Ok, so for definites so far we have:

paperbackwriter and spouse
clayton_e (assuming you can get a ride, and honestly, I could even pick you up if necessary)

Not quite definites:

scott evil

Still waiting to hear from:

And of course anyone else who wants to come. There’s still room at my place, and if anyone wants suggestions for cheap places to stay I’d be happy to advise.

You know I might just have to come up. I hope to have my motorcycle back and I could use a good ride. That’s also a good weekend for me being a Federal worker I get that Monday off. Yeah I might just have to show up.

Very very cool, Ed The Head. If you do ride up, there are some awesome bike rides around here (what with mountains and hills and valleys and all that).

I likely won’t know until right before, but I’m going to try.

Eonwe, I don’t think it’s going to happen. :frowning: It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, and my Dad’s having a hard time with my grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s and is being incredibly ornery and cruel, so having me come visit might be necessary for his sanity. I really don’t know what’s going on at this point.

Man, I was really looking forward to meeting you, scott. Oh well, maybe another time (are you going to NYC Mega-Dopefest?)

I will be at NYC Megadope. My other half will not.

You were looking forward to meeting me? Awww. :slight_smile: Email me and tell me why. :wink:

Just another bump here.

So, I’m thinking that we’ll go here some time on Saturday. It’s a lot of fun and very scenic.