Winter Holiday Digital Distribution Sales

Follow up on GMG: Since the Witcher 3 thing, GMG has a spot on each game’s store page with the system requirements and stuff that says “Source”. It’ll either list the publisher (in which case GMG is distributing from them directly) or “Authorized distributor” in which case GMG is reselling a key they bought wholesale from some third party. So if the idea of a third party key bothers you for whatever reason, it’s easy enough to avoid.

Personal gripe: a few months ago steam put Baldur’s Gate 2 enhanced edition up for a $5 daily sale. They’ve never put BG1 on sale for the same price. So I was waiting on the winter sale so I could pick up BG1:EE for $5, start there and play them both through. But the Christmas sale price is $12.

And I’m hard pressed to buy BG1 for $12 when Pillars of Eternity is $5 more.

So I probably won’t end up getting BG1 before I play BG2.

Also, Rome 2 is still $15, same price as it’s been for over a year. I’d be willing to spend the $15, but too annoyed out of principle - I could’ve had it at the same price over a year ago, which makes me not want to buy it since I’ll feel dumb for waiting. You can get Atilla for $15 at this point. I guess they’ve just decided $15 is the floor for Rome 2.

I think I’m going to pick up Undertale and Starbound because I’ve had them on my wishlists for a while. I don’t really remember why I added them, but I’m assuming Past-Randmcnally knew what he was doing.

Best deal I snagged has been Mad Max at 66% off. No idea when I’ll get around to playing, though.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is on sale on Steam, along with expansion packs.

Considering these games for the sale:
Age of Wonders III at $9
The Longest Journey at $4
Satellite Reign at $10
Endless Legend at $10

I might get 1-2 of these. Has anyone played any of them, can give any feedback? I love fantasy and love Civ; Longest Journey has a very high metacritic score (91); Satellite Reign I have no idea why I added it to my wishlist several months back.

Endless Legend is definitely fun if you like the general genre (4x fantasy world)

The Longest Journey is an amazing, classic adventure game. The caveat is that you have to tolerate early 2000’s 3D (which honestly wasn’t stellar for the time either) and Point & Click adventure puzzle logic (or be willing to use a walkthrough if you get stuck). It also has Dreamfall: The Longest Journey as a pretty good sequel, and Dreamfall: Chapters which is in more of the Telltale-like genre and currently has 4/5 episodes complete with the final one hitting early next year at some point. I haven’t played Chapters yet so I can’t give an opinion.

But yeah, if you play TLJ there are more games to continue the story if that affects your decision. However, the game works fine standalone, it’s a complete story and as far as I know had no real cliffhangers, Dreamfall wasn’t conceived of until TLJ was a success. April Ryan is a pretty damn good protagonist (though she is partly comprised of the generic “adventure game protagonist” DNA), and the direction the plot is actually extremely interesting for what appears to be a standard chosen one path for most of the game.

I didn’t like Age of Wonders 3. Endless Legend is a pretty good fantasy 4X game, especially since the AI overhaul patch.

Undertale is absolutely great. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it might be my GOTY. Though this year was pretty healthy, Witcher 3 might have to win.

I couldn’t get into Starbound, but I couldn’t really get into Terraria either. It just takes too long to get your first real resources.

Don’t know about Terraria but Starbound has mods available that makes gathering resources quicker.

To add to my vast collection of games I don’t have time to play (thanks, Steam):
GTA V $36
South Park Stick: $7.5
Grim Fandango: $3
Car mechanic: $9

There are lots of Star Wars titles on sale. Which (if any) have good flight elements? As in, I’d love to take a TIE fighter or X-Wing out to shoot it out. Something between a full-on simulator but not a silly Galaga clone. Anything?

I feel the same as many in here do: I look forward to the big Steam sales to see the daily deals, but Steam made it clear from the start that, this time, none of the prices are going to get any lower than they are right now.

Uh, well, what’s the point of it then? I mean, yeah, all the games are on sale, great. That part makes sense… but part of the huge allure of it to me in the past was to get on and see discounted games get even further discounted. Even if they’re already all reasonably discounted already this year, it just takes away the anticipation somewhat, I feel.

I say make the prices a bit higher if you must, just so you don’t sacrifice the great daily deal surprises. There’s absolutely NO point to keep checking into Steam every day this year.

Anyone have experience with tabletop simulator? I was thinking about organizing a group buy. Can you program rules into the game somehow, or do you just move pieces, roll dice, and manually keep track of everything? Is it easy to get multiple people synced up on the same workshop mods so you can play together? What is it good and bad at?

I usually don’t buy anything on the holiday sales anymore because I have 100+ steam games and really only play 10 of them, so I realize I wouldn’t play the new ones I buy. In between Steam, Origin, my 360, Wii, PS2, etc. I probably have 200+ games (and that doesn’t include emulators, ROMs or other digital games) and I probably don’t play 90% of them.

Having said that, a game called ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ is only $2.49 today. Anyone played it, or what did you think of it?

I really like Tabletop Simulator. It works a lot better than I expected it would. The rules aren’t programmed in at all, it really goes for the tactile feel of just sitting around the table. There are a few little convenience features, like you can set snap points on a board so that pieces will more easily fall in the right places but that’s about the full extent of rules enforcement. I really like the rules hands off approach, but it does mean you can really only play with people you trust, as there’s nothing stopping strangers from cheating or trolling you.

Mod syncing is no problem at all. Only one person needs to be subscribed to a mod. You just load the workshop mod and everyone else will automatically download everything they need. All the files are hosted online rather than locally so syncing isn’t really an issue.

On the negative side, having lag or a crappy system can significantly hamper your enjoyment. I typically play with people on the other side of the world and if the connection is bad there can sometimes be a half second delay between when I click on something and when it reacts. For games that require a lot of small actions, that can be quite frustrating. If you’re nearby and have a decent system, though, it’s snappy and responsive for the most part.

A lot of people seem to like it for RPGs, but that doesn’t really appeal to me. If you’re the kind of RPG player that likes to build little 3D sets and populate them with miniatures it would be great, but that’s always been way too time consuming for me.

On the whole, I really like it and would strongly recommend it. Obviously it can never fully recreate the tabletop feeling, but it comes a helluva lot closer than I thought was possible.

Steam is having some sort of technical trouble or breach of some sort where you’d appear to be logged in to other people’s accounts randomly. Your store language page would change. You could go to payment info and get an obscured credit card (last 4 digits), name, address, etc. Story developing. It appears they’ve shut the store down and shit is under control, but keep an eye on the story for any potential security issues.

It’s kind of hilarious watching people respond to the Steam error.

People with knowledge are saying ‘it’s not a hack’, but the userbase keeps insisting ‘onoes, it’s a hack!’ At least one person even accusing VLADIMIR PUTIN of being behind it.

Early in the cleanup effort, before Valve made an official statement, all the ‘it’s not a hack’ from Steam_DB, SteamTime, Game Informer, PC Gamer and the like were dismissed with ‘that’s not official from Valve’. Now someone from Valve has officially said ‘it’s not a hack’…and people are dismissing it with ‘of course they wouldn’t admit to being hacked’. That there is some fine conspiracy theory thinking.

People who seem to know what they’re talking about are saying it’s an error with the cache servers dishing out pages from the wrong user session. It would appear that credit card numbers were still obscured (last 4 digits), and there’s no general compromise of the database, just piecemeal logging in as the wrong person, so everyone’s data probably isn’t stolen.

Someone told me it’s a hack that some people did and that hundreds of credit cards were abused. Not sure if I believe him, though, he’s usually a bullshitter.

Cite? I don’t disbelieve you, I just want to see this with my own eyes!

I also heard this referred to as the Steam Winter Fail.