End of November/Black Friday digital distribution deals

Most or all of the gaming sites usually have a black Friday game sale. It isn’t as big as the Christmas sale, but it’s big enough that it usually warrants its own thread rather than just using the digital deals thread.

Amazon started early this year. This is a list of current deals. This purports to be a list of the upcoming deals, which you can sort by date.

Obnoxiously, amazon won’t let you sort by the amount of the discount and steamgamesales doesn’t include amazon. So it’s kind of hard to pick through what a worthwhile deal is on there. For being the biggest e-commerce site, amazon’s actual ability to help you find the products you want to buy is remarkably poor.

Notable deals at first glance. Bioshock Pack, which is Bioshock 1/2/Infinite for $15.

Xcom Collection which includes the old games, the new Enemy Unknown with DLC, but not the latest expansion/standalone/whatever that is for $10

Borderlands 2 + Borderlands GOTY for $12

Civ 5 Complete (All DLC, G&K, BNW) $20

I’ll look through the big glob later but feel free to make your own recommendations. I’ll update this with more sites as they do their sales.

That Skydrive file was posted by the Amazon Rep to the Cheapass Gamers forum so it’s legit (note the CAG referrals when you mouse over the links).

Steam fall sale started today, through Dec 3.

As usual, don’t buy anything that’s not on daily sale until the last day. If you buy something not on sale for 50% off today and it’s 75% off tomorrow, that’s your own fault (seriously, browse the steam forums during something like this and when that happens to people they act like their entire family had been raped).

It has the daily/flash deal structure the last few steam sales have had.

Current daily sales:
Outlast $6.79
L4D Franchise 75% off ($5 per game)
Walking Dead $6.24, 400 days $2.50
Skyrim $7.50, DLC only 50% off
Prison Architect $15
Rogue Legacy $5
Terraria $2.50
AntiChamber $5
Sleeping Dogs $5

Flash sales (5 hours left): Crysis 2 maxiumum edition $7.50, Castle Story $13.39, Space Hulk $10.19, HammerWatch $3.39

I’m seeing a disturbing trend here of some games having deeper discounts than their DLCs. Generally, unless a DLC was just released and that’s the reason for the sale, the DLC will be on the same discount as the base game. I was going to pick up the skyrim DLCs at 75%, but probably not 50%.

Steam sales sorted by discount

Anyone else getting errors when they try to look at certain games?

I get, “Sorry, but you’re not permitted to view these materials at this time” when trying to access Skyrim.

Gamefly is having a big PC game sale. Use coupon code GFDNOV20 for 20% off the listed price (that’s the November sales code so not sure if it’ll work into December):

Games on sale:

[spoiler]11/27 to 11/29
Total War: Rome II $44.99
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $19.99
Saints Row IV $33.49
Company of Heroes 2 $39.99
Civilization V Brave New World $9.99
Bioshock Infinite $9.99
Payday 2 $14.99
Metro Last Light $23.99
Dead Island Riptide $14.99
Lost Planet 3 $29.99
Skull Girls $9.99
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara $7.49
Remember Me $24.99
Rome: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $12.49
Empire: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $19.99
Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $14.99
Fallout 3 $2.49
Fallout 3 GOTY $6.79
Rage $4.99
Rage: The Scorchers DLC $2.49
Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist $29.99 (ends 11/30)
Assasins Creed III $7.49 (ends 11/30)
Assasins Creed III Deluxe $17.49 (ends 11/30)
Rayman Legends $19.99 (ends 11/30)
11/28 to 11/30
Dishonored $4.99
Dishonored GOTY $13.59
Skyrim $7.49
Dawnguard $9.99
Hearthfire $2.49
Dragonborn $9.99

Final Fantasy XIV Standard $15.00 (ends 12/3)
Final Fantasy XIV Collectors $25.00 (ends 12/3)
11/27 to 12/3
Bully $3.75
LA Noire Complete $7.49
GTA Complete Pack $14.99
GTA IV Complete $7.49
Bully/GTA IV Complete $7.99
Bully/LA Noire Complete $7.99
Bad Bots $2.49
Cargo Commander $2.49
Dementium II HD $9.74
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise $2.49
Spec Ops: The Line (Mac) $14.99
Stronghold 3 Gold $9.99
Brink $9.99
Call of Cthulhu $4.99
Dishonored $9.99
DH: Dunwall City Trials DLC $3.34
DH: The Knife of Dunwall DLC $6.69
DH: The Brigmore Witches DLC $6.69
DH: The Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC $2.67
Dishonored GOTY $23.99
Doom 3 BFG Edition $9.99
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil $2.49
Fallout 3 $4.99
Fallout 3 GOTY $11.99
Fallout New Vegas $4.99
FNV: Ultimate Edition $11.99
FNV: Honest Hearts DLC $3.34
FNV: Courier’s Stash DLC $0.66
FNV: Lonesome Road DLC $3.34
FNV: Gun Runners Arsenal DLC $1.33
FNV: Old World Blues DLC $3.34
FNV: Dead Money DLC $3.34
Final Doom $2.49
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge $9.99
Quake: The Offering $9.99
Quake II $4.99
Quake III: Arena $9.99
Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero $2.49
Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning $2.49
Quake IV $9.99
Rage $9.99
Rage: The Scorchers DLC $3.34
Return to Castle Wolfenstein $4.99
Morrowind GOTY $9.99
Oblivion GOTY $9.99
Oblivion GOTY Deluxe $12.49
Skyrim $14.99
Ultimate Doom $2.49
Wolfenstein 3D $2.49
Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC $13.39
Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC $3.34
Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC $13.39
Skyrim Legendary Edition $35.99

11/29 to 11/30
Battlefiefld 4 $39.99
FIFA 14 $29.99
Need for Speed Rivals $39.99
SimCity $29.99
SimCity Cities of Tomorrow $26.99
SimCity CIties of Tomorrow Plus $47.99
Battlefield 3 $4.99

11/29 to 12/3
Doom 3 BFG Edition $4.99 (ends 12/1)
Call of Duty Ghosts $49.99
Total War: Rome II $44.99
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $19.99
Saints Row IV $33.49
Company of Heroes 2 $39.99
Civilization V Brave New World $14.99
Bioshock Infinite $13.59
Payday 2 $17.99
Metro Last Light $23.99
Dead Island Riptide $14.99
Lost Planet 3 $29.99
Skull Girls $9.99
Dungeons & Dragons $7.49
Endless Space - Emperor Special Edition $9.99
Endless Space Gold $11.89
Endless Space: Disharmony $3.39
Rome: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $12.49
Empire: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $19.99
Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition MAC $14.99
Remember Me $24.99
12/2 to 12/3
Battlefield 4 $39.99
FIFA 14 $29.99
Need for Speed Rivals $39.99
SimCity $29.99
SimCity Cities of Tomorrow $26.99
SimCity Plus Edition $47.99
Battlefield 3 $4.99[/spoiler]

I’m seeing Skyrim itself, not the DLC for $7.49 as well.
I may just6 have to jump on that even though I probably can’t play it on my current machine.

Skyrim will be $7.50 tomorrow from Gamefly, plus the 20% coupon for a total of $6.00

I’ve never used Gamefly to buy games before. How does it work? Do you get a Steam code or is it another way? (Just want to make sure I won’t run into problem buy Brave New World when I have Civ V through Steam)

Edit: Nvm, I just saw that the page says “Requires Steam to play.”

Dammit! I just bought Terraria full price yesterday! If I’d waited one more day, I could have saved $7.50!


Yeah. If it’s important to you to have games on Steam, check the description to make sure it says “Requires Steam”. All Civ V games require Steam so that’s not an issue. If it doesn’t require Steam, it might be on EA’s Origin service, Ubisoft’s Uplay, etc. Most stuff is Steam though.

When you buy it, you’ll be mailed the Steam activation key or you can find it under My Accounts on my Gamefly site.

Steam really should have an amnesty program that let’s you have the sale price if you bought a game within 24 hours of it going on sale. I know they don’t have to but it would be a good PR move IMHO.

Despite my crippling financial blunder, Steam gets enough good will from me just for having these sales that I don’t hold it against them for not backdating the sale price.

My buys for today: Sleeping Dogs, Anti-Chamber, and HammerWatch.

The only fix for this is to keep buying games on sale until the discounts make up for the $7.50 you lost.

Economics! :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought Hammerwatch as well and played it a bit but it’s already pissing me off - there’s these plant-enemies that have a burrowing tentacle attack that doesn’t care about LoS, and it has such a long range I often can’t see it before it kills me. I think it attacks roughly once per second and it kills my mage in two hits, so if I’m just slowly walking around, thinking I’m safe there’s no way I can react fast enough to survive.

Ugh. Oh well, 3e is not the end of the world. Just … annoying.

I recommend Skyrim and mostly recommend the DLC. Dawnguard and Dragonborn each have a couple of features that can make the game less fun, but only one (vampire attacks in towns) is something that pops up on its own.

I would recommend New Vegas if it was less buggy. The main bug is one that the game does not cope very well with the initial content dump while loading a game and may hang. You can mostly get around it by starting a new game and then loading from within the game if your save is in the overworld, but it’s still annoying. On the DLC:

  • I’ve played half of Dead Money before rolling the game back to before I entered the new area. If not for one disappointing feature* I would have played it through to completion.
  • I’m part way through Old World Blues and the only real annoyances are the “wacky” think tank and the roboscorpions.

* I want to bring Christine back to New Vegas with me. There’s only one bad mod written for this purpose so I’m not going to play Dead Money until I write one myself.

The whole thing is an homage to 1950s Sci-Fi B-movies, of course.

I’d recommend Skyrim and then recommend holding off on the DLC. All the DLC will be on sale again in a month and if you hate Skyrim for some reason you’re only out $6 (or $7.50 depending).

There are much more angry variations of this on the steam forums constantly and it baffles me. The idea that somehow steam has wronged people by offering games at steep discounts. “Oh I just bought that game for full price 2 months ago now it’s $30! Other people can have the game for less than I did even though I decided it was worth the price! RAGEEEE I HATE YOU VALVE”, etc.

Why would you buy a 2 year old game for full price on steam? Why would you do it, oh, a day before they always have a big fall sale is expected to occur?

Besides, the complaints are ridiculous. If they offer some completely illogical, unnecessary 24 hour refund, what happens to the guy who ordered it 25 hours ago? Now that he’s convinced you’ve raped his entire family and wronged him. It’s silly. These things are very predictable, and no one is ever wronged by having something made available for a cheaper price later.

Yeah I know, I never said they had any duty to do it.

However if I buy something at Nordstrom the staff will tell me if it’s going on sale and even if they don’t tell me and I find out about it later they’ll refund me the difference if I ask. They clearly have no duty to do so but knowing they’re willing to bend keeps me a loyal customer.

I’ve told this story before here…

I bought a shirt at another store and mistakenly tried to return it at Nordstrom’s when I pulled the receipt out of the bag and saw I was mistaken. I apologized for the mistake and started to walk away when the clerk assured me they would be more than happy to apply a credit to my credit card for the full amount despite the fact that I didn’t buy the shirt there.
When I asked why they would do this the clerk simply said “I’ll do whatever it takes to get your business”

That’s how you keep customers for life.

I know retail sales and online games are not the same market but the goodwill Steam would generate by being a bit forgiving might just be worth it.