Fall digital distribution sale thread.

For the next thirty or so hours. Plus they’re running another of their rolling sales, with another appearance of the D&D mega bundle (not including the enhanced Baldur’s Gates or Icewind Dale).

Mount & Blade is a bit long in the tooth these days but still fun. A true oldie but goodie. At first it may seem meh but you’ll likely still be playing hours later.

And hey, can’t really complain when it is free!

Go to http://www.gog.com to get it (free till about 7a tomorrow morning [November 14]).

7a central time.

You can get a $50 Steam card for $40 from BestBuy via eBay with promo code CPLAY10

In case you were planning on loading up for the fall/winter sales, you can start with 20% off in your Steam wallet. Ships for free or get store pickup.

Also, Steam has Mount & Blade: Warband at 75% off and its Viking expansion can be pre-ordered with a 20% discount.

Merged three threads about this, although one was also about the Fall sale (and not just about the free Mount and Warblade), so I’ve also edited the title to reflect it.

You missed the content of my OP for this thread somehow. Anyway, it was:

Good old games started their fall sale. They mostly specialize in selling old games in tweaked forms ready to run painlessly on modern systems, but not exclusively - they’ve got a mix of some of the newer games on there too. They’re good people, and it’s all DRM and hassle free.

They’re giving away a copy of the excellent Witcher 2 if you go to their store page, log in, and click the stamp collecting thing. You have to do it 7 times in a week, 6 hours apart. They’re also giving away Mount and Blade for free, but if you’re really interested in it, grab Warband sometime when it’s $5, because it has everything the original M&B has, but better.

They have a series of flash sales that, by the looks of it, change every 6 hours. So check it frequently.

I’m sure steam will have a black friday sale, and origin and the others probably will too, but since GOG was the first, I figured I’d get this thread going.

It looks like you can only click on the checkboxes for the Witcher 2 giveaway once every 24 hours.

The last time, well the last two times, they did these kinds of sales they got me pretty good. Now they’re running out of things I’m willing to pay a even two bucks for. But somebody, possibly Satan, has started to realize that they might be able to zing me by putting up emulated Amiga games. Damn you, forces of evil!

Encore Day of the gog sale, all bundles are up.

Gamersgate started their sale.

The Steam Fall Sale reported to be starting tomorrow, Nov 26.

I don’t really have much on my wishlist right now; I’m really only looking for Shadow of Mordor and maybe Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but we’ll see what else comes up.

Origin started their sale

Steam sale begins

They seem to be using another format rather than the flash deals. There are a group of games on the top that say they expire in 2 days, and then another tier below that which expire in 1 day. There are 5636 games on sale in total, which you can now sort with the new on sale UI, which is nice, except that it lacks the most obvious way to sort: by percentage. That must be by design, for some sort of marketing purpose, because it makes no sense to disclude it.

There are sites like steamgamesales.com and isthereanydeal.com that let you sort that way.

Don’t feel compelled to spend too much during the black friday sale if you don’t want. The winter sale is much more comprehensive and will include most or all of the stuff that’s on sale now.

It’s called the “exploration sale” but I don’t see a clickable link to any sort of contests or giveaways that their themed sales usually have.

This sale is surprisingly good considering that the Christmas sale is three weeks away.

Excellent–thanks for the links!

One way of sorting I’d really appreciate would be a website that sorts sales according to metacritic rating or some other rating system. That’s one of my first filters when I’m considering an unknown game: if its metacritic rating is below 75 or so, I’m deeply skeptical, whereas if it’s above 85 I’m a lot more interested. But Steam doesn’t show that rating on the main page, only once you click through–it makes it hard to scan a lot of games at once. Is there any way that you know of to sort games by quality of some sort?

Not sure about that, I’ll tell you if I find one.

Titanfall is $5 on Origin, which is a pretty steep drop (just came out in like May) pretty quickly. I played the beta and it was fun but not great, so I’ll probably pick it up. But it makes me wonder if the community is dying off fast. If they do the obnoxious console/COD style matchmaking where you only get matched up against people who have the same DLC and fragment the already-awful matchmaking system it might end up being more of a headache than its worth. Is anyone else playing it without DLC? Is the matchmaking acceptable?

The Steam Database is what you’re looking for. Link to the sortable sales page: https://steamdb.info/sales/ The last column on the right is the Metacritic score, if available.

Mass Effect trilogy is $5 on origin for $15. Awesome deal obviously if you don’t have any of them. $5 Titanfall. $5 for all the need for speed games except the last one. Other good deals too like Dragon Age Ultimate for $7.50, a bunch of $5 stuff, but nothing you won’t also see on steam for the same price over Christmas. The new Sim City for $15 or with DLC for $20. Not sure if that ever turned out to be a good game. Sims 4 half off. $10 Crysis 3. $10 Command & Conquer megapack.

That reminds me - is there anywhere you can buy the 2003 Most Wanted online? The new one is $5, but Criterion doesn’t seem to get what made the first one great, so it looks kinda meh. Is it any good? The original has the best police chases I’ve seen in a game still, but it doesn’t seem to be available online.

Steam is offering Beyond Earth for 30% off…

Excellent, DCnDC! Based on that link, I just got Shadowrun: Dragonfall Returns. Tactical combat is one of my favorite genres, and a 92 rating for a 7.50 game can’t be beat. Thanks!

There’s a weird format with the steam sale. There are apparently new sales each day that last two days, and then new sales each day that last one day. Not sure what the logic is, but you can see what’s on sale currently here. The one day deals, and yesterday’s 2 day deals, will roll off tomorrow.