Summer digital distribution sales

I should’ve really made this thread a few weeks ago, as many sites have had or are having their summer sale, but with the steam sale starting soon I figured we’d need a place for discussion.

Sales currently running that I’m aware of, feel free to add any I missed.

Origin for another 36 hours or so. Act quickly.

Humble store

Not a summer sale, but GMG has 25% off all games with code JUNE25, which I think includes preorders, so you could definitely save on a new or unreleased game that way. I’m not sure if it stacks with the other regular sales going on at the moment.

Guild Wars 2 has both expansion packs for $15 each or $25 together.

Unfortunately I missed a few - we had a ubisoft summer sale, paradox summer sale, and I think a gog summer sale all in the last few weeks which are now over.

Is Battlefront 2 worth $20?

Voidu is having a summer sale with a coupon code SUMMER18 for an extra 18% off listed prices.

Gamersgate is basically always running a sale on something. I don’t know if they have a legitimate “Summer Sale” planned or not.

Like Gamersgate, Razer Game Store is always running a deal on something. They have a weekly promotion where, if you buy one of the four “featured games” that week, you’ll get a $15 voucher for a future purchase. You need to spend $30 (and one game must be at least $15) to use the voucher but it can still be nice.

Steam’s sale starts 6/21, right?

Any deals on any of these sites that are especially tempting to folks?

I’m hoping the XCom 2 expansion goes on super-sale. Other than that, I’m not super-excited by anything.

Supposedly this Thursday for the Steam sale, yes.

You can get PUBG for a record 50% off at GMG stacking the base discount and coupon if you’re one of the nine people who don’t own it yet.

Myself and the other 8 gamers aren’t interested thanks.

Yeah–I played three games of Fortnite, couldn’t really figure out how to function, and got yelled at by squad members before I died. I don’t think this genre is my cuppa :).

Yeah, I don’t care if you buy it or not, that’s just the most substantial deal I’ve seen on a popular game so far.

Fanatical is having a sale including a coupon code, RED10, you can apply for an extra 10%

With coupon, Frostpunk is $18.08 from them for a 40% savings.

Clash of Cards is 86% off from Steam. Which is a heck of a discount considering that it just came out of Early Access and has good reviews. If you like CCGs, you might want to take a look.

The Steam Link is currently on sale for $2.50.

It is worth that much money.

I’d say so. I use mine to to stream games from the gaming computer to the living-room TV, and it works really well.

Nuuvem sale. It’s a legit site, but Brazillian so you may need google translate if you want more than the basic info. There’s a warning if the keys are region locked, most are global keys and they sometimes have the best price on games.

Planning to get Metal Gear Solid V–I haven’t played anything in the series since I played Metal Gear as a tyke, but it looks like stupid fun (the part where you can choose a casette of Final Countdown e.g. before invading a base is inspired), and I could use some stupid fun.

Dammit. I meant to buy Metal Gear Solid V the game, but I accidentally bought Metal Gear Solid V the movie. I’m about two hours into it, and I think there’ve been about 3 minutes of gameplay so far. It sure is a pretty movie, though!

Hideo Kojima isn’t about to let something like gameplay get in the way of a good cutscene. It’s been years since I even glanced at a Metal Gear game for that very reason.

“Cutscene” isn’t the right term: that implies you’re cutting into the gameplay for a movie. Instead, “cutplay” might describe what happens in this movie.

I think I played an hour or two of MSG V and then asked on another forum “Uh, is there a game here at some point?” Had a couple sneering “Have you ever played a MGS [or Kojima] game before?” which I took to be an indication that it wasn’t going to get better and gave it up. Amusingly, these were from fans of the game who were just insulted that I didn’t realize the brilliance of a Hideo Kojima video game.

Heh. It turns out that I got into the game this morning when I fired it up. So far the gameplay isn’t doing a ton for me: sneaking around and shooting mooks, then going into crazy dodge-and-shoot play when the jig is up. But it’s got some great horse-riding in it, and maybe the game play will get better.

I’m switching between it and Oxygen Not Included. The latter game is a lot more stressful and thinky.

Yeah, I did get past all the initial cut scene and into the whole “sneak around the open world and kill dudes” part but it didn’t seem like the plot was going anywhere (hence my question) and the open world stuff wasn’t as fun as other open world shooty/stealth games I’ve played so I wrote it off. Might hook you though; I know a lot of people thought highly of it.

I’d just like to poke my head in to speak up on behalf of Hideo Kojima. Kojima is one of those old school crazy game designers who actually really like experimenting with the form. He doesn’t want to be making Metal Gear Solid V any more than you want to be “playing” it. The first one made a boatload of money for Konami, and they more or less chained him to a desk for sequels after that. And this guy wants to make WEIRD S**T. He doesn’t want to make Metal Gear sequels. He’s finally bailed on Konami for reasons…probably related to this.

I mean, check out the trails for this Death Stranding thing. Maybe it’s not gonna be good, but he’s back to doing strange stuff.