Winter Woes...

I’ve worked in hospitals and clinics over the last eight years and have noticed that with the onset of winter, the patient load always increases. I have a few theories on why this is and wanted to run them by the TM to see what you thought.

1)When the holiday season comes around, people tend to feel lonlier and seek company any way they can, including visits to the doctor’s office. I believe this because the patients also seem to be much “chattier” than usual. This is especially true of older patients.(Not that I mind chatting, but with the increased workload, there is not as much time to do this.)

2)People ignore their health care more during the warmer months because they are too busy enjoying the good weather.

3)The colder weather aggravates pre-existing conditionss, encouraging people to see their physician.

or 4)a combination of the above three.

Any other reasons you can think of?

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Well, if they’re in Minneapolis, they may just be trying to get inside somewhere warm and thaw out.

(I must note that, so far, winter here on the tundra has been pretty darn mild. Thank You, La Nina! Attagirl! Keep it up!)

When I was outside this morning, I was thinking how weird the city looks without snow. I can only remember one Christmas that we didnt have a pile of it to play in and that year it just rained. I want snow dammit!!!

We have a huge flu epidemic going on here… one respiratory and one stomach and its really clearing out the schools of both staff and students. Five times last weekend the hospitals called a code and had ambulances redirected due to not being able to take any more patients.

We are thinking that it is a combination of the abnormally warm weather and the upcoming Christmas season.

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

I herewith transfer all claims, rights and allocations of snow formerly assigned to me to CanadianSue.

Baby, you can have it.

Well demo,
The reason I’ve heard most often and makes the most sense to me is that people are indoors more and therefore in closer contact with other people. This aids in the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Also don’t forget the germ bags are back in school passing around the most virulent germs you could ever imagine, having never used a kleenex or soap and water in thier young lives.

Although you are probably right it’s probably that people are too lonely and instead of going to a senior center and enjoying the company of people they are attracted to sick people and love to waste your precious time.


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Wooohooo thanks Rysdad ::wings a snowball at ya:: just to say thanks of course :slight_smile:

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good