Does anyone remember a comic strip called “Winthrop”?

I recall an SF short story “Winthrop was Stubborn”. Can’t remember what the heck it was about now, tho’.

I’m thinking of a comic strip. All kids. Like “Peanuts.”

Winthrop was originally titled “Morty Meekle” and was drawn by Dick Cavalli. It ran from either 1956-1993 or 1966-1993 depending on which resource you check. I have only a very vague memory of the strip, and the only online references seem to be in lists of library and museum holdings of comic strips.

Here’s the only image I could find.

Thankyou, SpoilerVirgin. That made my day.

I remember having a comic book about kids with big yellow letters across the front that said “WINTHROP”.

However, I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time, and my still-trying-to-get-the-hang-of-this-whole-reading-thing brain saw it as “WINTHROWUP”. Needless to say, I never read it. Or opened it, for that matter.

So, yes, I remember it, but can’t tell you a thing about it.

i remember it fairly well…it was pretty hilarious…kind of a lower echelon calvin. it could make me crack up, which was pretty hard to do back then. iirc, it had about 40-60% crap, but the rest of it was so funny that it more than made up for the junk.