WinXP Pro file question

My new computer has WinXP Pro as the OS.

Under older versions of Windows, when I use the Exlore feature to see the contents of the hard drive, I could click on a folder and a line would appear along the bottom telling me how many files are in that folder and how much space they take up.

Can I make WinXP do this?

If I right click on the folder and click on Properties, I can see this info.

Explore, not exlore…

Try View / Status Bar from the menu.

That did it!


Followup: How do you make the status bar stay?
I turn it on every time I go into explorer. It turns off every time I leave explorer.

Me too. Really annoying. I have ‘Remember each folder’s view settings’ checked. And for some reason, it doesn’t remember.

Sometimes XP things that work for me don’t for others. I have so many settings on a couple of computers so screwed up I am not surprised. Click on “Apply To All Folders” at the top of the page you select to “remember settings” (In tools - folder options - view). You may for what ever reason, need to do it twice. Should work but only (I think) when explorer page is full size.

Go into Folder options | View. Turn off Remember Each Folder’s View Settings. Set other settings as desired. Click Apply. Click Apply to All Folders and confirm. I prefer having the View set to Details View before doing this.