Wirefly, your incompetence baffles me

Anybody ever used Wirefly to order cell phones? I noticed that there is one thread from about two years back (cite) and they had some pretty shady behavior there, but nothing since.

I ordered a phone I was relatively happy with on July 2nd. About a day later, I was told I had to call Wirefly to verify some information. The first of MANY calls. Immediately after that, the website said that it was back-ordered and that back-orders usually take “72 hours”. Well, approximately 288 hours later (that’s 12 days, if you’re interested), I finally get a message from them saying the phone is discontinued and I have to choose another one.

So I picked another one that also said it was “free” on the website. The website then said THAT phone was back-ordered and would take “72 hours”. So I wait. And wait. And wait. Then I have to call them again to verify MORE information. The phone finally arrived on July 30th. That’s another 384 hours (16 days). So total waiting time is roughly 9x longer than promised.

And guess what? My “free” phone actually costs $50. No rebate offered, either. I figure, fine, I’ll just deal with that, maybe I read the website wrong - it’s no longer listed on the site. So I call to activate it and they say they’ll call the next day with an activation #. Two days go by without any word from them so I called tonight. OOPS! Turns out my phone can only be activated if I upgrade my Sprint plan, something they NEVER mentioned before this. I said I wanted to return it and she transfers me to a customer service rep and I promptly am hung up on. I called back to their customer service line and am cut off before I can even talk to anyone. I called back again and said I wanted to return it - they tried to talk me out of it. I told them to shove it up their ass (in nicer words, of course). I was told my return # and was told I had to write it on the return slip that was included in my package. Guess what? There was NO return slip in my package.

UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. If you are ever considering patronizing Wirefly, I suggest you just pay someone $100 to kick you in the crotch instead. At least that’s quicker.

Note: I’ve also posted a slightly alternate version of this post (i.e. cleaned up) on a consumer review website. I hope that’s okay.