Wireless Cable TV...possible?

So here’s the situation: I recently moved into a new apartment (well, actually, it’s quite old…). This apartment only has a single cable outlet in the living room. There’s no practical way of drilling a hole from the living room to other rooms to run cable because the bathroom lies between the living room and the closest bedroom. Running cable along the walls and/or floor isn’t really practical, either. Management, for whatever reason, isn’t keen on letting anyone drill new holes or run new cable along the roof or whatever they’d have to do.

I would like, however, to watch TV in one of the bedrooms. Is there a way to do this wirelessly? I’m not interested in watching multiple shows with only a single cable box or anything like that, so I can’t imagine any legal issues so long as the signal is secure. I’d just like to be able to use the one cable outlet I have to watch TV in either the front room, or the bedroom. What with this being the 21st century and all, surely such a thing is possible, right?

You could use a Slingbox to put your cable tv online, and then a Slingcatcher to watch that content on your bedroom TV.

Hmmm. A system where TV signals are wirelessly transmitted through the air.

Nope. Never work.

Could you lift a floorboard in the living room and one in the bedroom and then fish a cable through that way?

If you don’t mind only watching in the bedroom what’s on the TV in the living room you can get a wireless video sender for a lot less than the cost of a slingbox.

I have never used this but had it bookmarked cause I thought I might need it. Does exactly what you want.


I use an older version of this for exactly the situation you describe:


Mine (which is an older version) is a little prone to interference from cordless phones, wireless networks, etc. But a little playing with the channel it uses (4 to choose from on mine) and moving the little antennas around will get me a perfectly good signal. I don’t know if the newer one is less persnickety, but they are cheap.

Looks like that product is no longer made. Try this instead:


I have used the slingbox and it works well. It’s only a one-to-one design, not a broadcast solution, however. I tried an RF video sender (the $50 kind) once and the quality was poor. The slingbox concept (thru an Ethernet and/or Internet connection) was much superior.