Wireless router

I did a search, and got nothing, so I have a question…I have cable internet connection, and I want to move it to a room that does not have a cable jack. The very surly cable guy said he can do it, but it will not look good, and recomended a wireless router. Anybody have any experience (good or bad) with this technology? Does it work, and if so, any negative effects on speed? Any brands to recomend?

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Wireless routers are ok for many applications. But I wouldn’t want to work with one if the signal had to go through more than one wall/floor/etc. YMMV. (You’d plug the router in by your current cable jack, then the signal would travel from there to the computer in a straight line.


Yeah… my Linksys router has been great… I only really use it for Internet… or Printer sharing…
It has a transfer rate of 11MBps… so it is perfect for an internet connection…
If you plan on file sharing between computers, you may want to go for the newer 54MBps routers and cards…

but if you are only going to be using wireless internet… then just go for the older routers… they are cheaper…

Ditto on the Linksys. I live in a small house and my laptop works fine everywhere. I have had some times where the reception(?) was iffy but a reboot of everything fixed it. A quick check of bestbuy.com tells me you can get the card and router for about $100.

Mine’s a D-Link ('twas on sale at Best Buy), and it, too, works great with my laptop. Once in a while I do lose the connection; I reboot the router, though, and that almost always fixes it.

As far as speed goes, even with the encryption, I can’t tell a difference between the wireless and wired connections. It’s just gosh darn fast all around.

I have the Microsoft router and card for my lap top. It does a great job and there are rebates and discounts on them at OfficeMax and Staples.

Routers will slow down the connection a bit, cause they act like a firewall, am I right?

Also, it’s harder to get tech support from your ISP with a router if you loose your connection.

**A router doesn’t always act as a firewall, it simply connects two networks and routes traffic between them. A firewall is a seperate feature, but often included in home routers. Most of your home routers are more secure simply because they use Network Address Translation. The speed penalty is so small as to be insignificant.

Oh, and I use a Linksys router/access point here at home, and it works great even through walls. The thing to remember is that 802.11b wireless is 11Mbs, which is several times faster than your cable connection is going to be anyway. You have lots of range to go through before the wireless drops to a speed of around 2Mbps, roughly the same as your cable.

I have a Linksys 802.11b with 2 PCs and an X-Box on it. It works fine.

You can turn off the firewall in the Microsoft router.

And it is LOSE not loose.