Wisconsin Senators trying Stop Birth Control for Poor Women

Wisconsin currently has two bills under consideration AB 991 & SB 552 which

They are trying to frame it as a parental notification measure.

I realise this is a pro choice site so here is the link toPro-Life Wisconsin explaining their take on things. I have been trying to find the link to Bills themselves, but the place I think they are freezes my computer.

I am appalled. I work in an inner city high school, where something like 1/4 of our girls are either pregnant or have children. If I could I would put condom dispensers in every damn bathroom in the place. Hell I would hand them out like I hand out bandaids. Birth control is not permission to have sex, they do that anyway. Most teenagers who use birth control don’t use it the first time they have sex. Of course I would rather they didn’t have sex, while I was wishing on stars I would ask that they could all read too.

I don’t like abortions, but I see them as a somewhat necessary evil. I would like to see them as extremely rare, but more and more the right to life movement seems less and less about abortion and more and more about controling womens bodies.

Yes, the right wing has been busy this week, pandering to the base as hard as they can in preparation for the November governor’s race.

Somewhere the spirit of Bob LaFollette weeps.


](http://dhfs.wisconsin.gov/medicaid1/recpubs/factsheets/phc10068.htm)So let’s not pretend that this is only about abortion, contraception, and STD’s.

After all do the poor really deserve the same access to medical care as the rest of us?
Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?
May I suggest A Modest Proposal. :eek:

](http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=\Culture\archive\200602\CUL20060214b.html){DarkRed}, underlining and bolding in quote boxes=CMC

Here’s the text of SB 552 (PDF) couldn’t find AB 991 but I’m guessing the text is the same.


I hope all the moderates who voted Republican in the last two election because – well, just because – are properly appalled at the results of their bad judgement.

I submit that this has always been the unspoken and underlying motivation for many, many of those in this camp.

Notice how it’s never about restricting young teen boys from contraception or having to notify the teen father’s parents before an abortion.

Yes, we must control and punish those dirty, dirty girls.

No more modest proposals. It gives me flashbacks to Elucidator’s thread.

Ah, another chorus sung from the Straight Dope “Lockstep” Left Wing Choir. (Motto: We’re Tolerant of Everyone and Everything, Except Those That Disgagree With The Correct Ideas).

I don’t even have the energy anymore.

Yes, the only reason anyone would favor such moves is to control dirty sexual urges in women. Of course. I see it all now. There is no possible motivation except that.

What is another reason that you’d deny sexually active young women birth control?

While not venturing an opinion on what is “correct” in this case, it stikes me as a bit illogical to deny contraception to anyone, given the greater social costs (unwanted pregnancies, STDs) of the alternative.

What is the reasoning of the bill’s supporters? They can’t possibly imagine teenagers are going to become less horny and more responsible through this effort.

I would ask you to reconsider. Because I, too, would like to know if there is a tenable reason why birth control should be denied, even if the parents request it.

So you found one statement in the thread to disagree with, how do you feel about the actual Op.
The same people that are trying to take away choice are also trying to reduce the availability of Birth Control.
Do you agree with this act or do you disagree with it.


Fascinating. So what, pray tell, might these other reasons be?

Well, I suppose it could be from a libertarian ‘I don’t want to pay for other people’s shit, now cut my taxes’ view.

I would think an Intelligent libertarian would think that it was far cheaper to give out some free BC than to have the government help raise another welfare Dependant child.


I, too, don’t have the energy any more. Things that seem so self-evident to me (like preventing teen pregnancies is a good thing) obviously aren’t . I’m not left-wing, by the way. I have never voted left, unless you consider every political party in Canada to be left, which they kinda are, compared to U.S. politics.

I’m not a member of the left. Maybe you will have the energy to explain it to me.
crosses fingers ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…

Ahh, but the less intelligent would see it as a step in the right direction. There’s a lot of half-assed ‘steps in the right direction’ all over politics, for every view.

I’d give some credence to this, but I just went to the good Senator’s website and had a quick run through of his legislative history and he’s had no problem expanding entitlements in the past. So, I don’t think that’s it.

Translation: “I don’t have a rational counterargument.”

In that case, I’ll offer the “doesn’t give a shit about poor women’s health, just as long as his constituents’ taxes don’t pay for it” alternate explanation.